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Kids are naturally curious and will explore everything. If your furniture is not steady and level, this could result in items being pulled onto your child, falls and other accidents. To help keep your children safe when at home, try self-adjusting levelers. These will help to keep furniture from wobbling and tilting so that it remains steady.



Kids often use tables to pull themselves up, to sit on or to lean on. If a table is wobbly, this could result in your child losing his or her balance and falling. A self-adjusting level will keep your furniture level and steady even when your floors are uneven or the table is older and just lost its steadiness.



If a child tries to climb into a chair that is not level, this could result in the chair falling onto the child. Keeping the chair level and all four feet on the ground can help to prevent this. You can place levelers on all four legs and they will self-adjust to take away all tilting and wobbliness.


Floor Shelving

You surely have book cases and other floor shelves in your home. You know that kids will try to climb shelves and use them to help pull themselves up. If your shelves are wobbly or tilting to one side, this could result in your child pulling the shelf onto him or herself. This could cause serious injuries. Placing levels on all four corners of the shelf could help to ensure that it is level.


Other Furniture

Things such as your bed and dresser, and anything else that sits on the floor, should also be level. These items can still be climbed on and pulled on and can cause injuries. Things like a bed or a dresser could also end up on the child’s toes if they stand to close to a leg that is slightly off of the floor and then put weight on these items. A dresser could also be pulled onto your child just like a bookshelf can. Keeping all furniture level will result in increased child safety in your home.