Gamefaqs.com Website Review

Gamefaqs.com is a website that was created as a partner to Gamespot.com, a videogame review site. Gamefaqs.com hosts a lot of content that caters to the gaming community. Such content includes walkthroughs, videogame cheats, reviews and screen shots, to name a few. It is the prime site a gamer turns to for help when he is hopelessly stuck in a certain part of his game. It is essential for Gamefaqs to stay up to date so that its user base will always find it convenient and reliable as new games and platforms emerge.

It has a forum whose community discusses the latest games and everything else that revolves around the gaming scene. There is also an “Answers” feature where gamers seek answers for various questions about the games they are currently hooked on. This feature enables users to share their knowledge about different videogames and also allows a venue for users to communicate and help each other out.

The site supports all the gaming platforms ever released in the market; it even has reviews for games on mobile phones and classic arcade games. It is a hub for gaming knowledge and updates. Gamefaqs even has sections for gaming platforms that haven’t even been released yet; you can tell that they are waiting more anxiously for these platforms to be released than gamers themselves. It is a community for gamers made by gamers. It also has a list of games that have yet to be released, and it categorizes these releases depending on the region where they are sold; a useful feature, especially when you are highly anticipating a game release in your particular region.

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Gamefaqs also allows its user base to contribute to more than just reviews and cheat codes, it also features saved game sharing so that the community will be able to share their work with pride. Now everyone will be able to see your maxed out character that you’ve spent a thousand hours leveling and meticulously raising.

The site is a great venue for sharing, developing friendships with gamers and acquiring knowledge of games. With its useful features and friendly community, you are sure to be at home and welcomed in their forums. Also, the site is handy when you are planning on buying a certain game and want to see what players think of it so you know if it will be worth your hard earned gold. Gamefaqs is a gaming community which has existed for more than a decade, and still remains the prime site for videogame cheats, saved games, reviews and so much more.

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