Garage Organization: 4 Pieces of Equipment Every Repairman Needs

A garage cluttered with tools and materials makes it frustrating to find the items that you need in a timely manner. A weekend spent organizing your garage is in order, but you may be at a loss at how to organize your tools properly. These four pieces of equipment will help any repairman organize their tools quickly and effectively.

Wall-Mounted Pegboard

A traditional addition to many garages throughout the years, a wall-mounted pegboard provides multiple benefits to the repairman who cherishes the tools of his trade. A wall-mounted pegboard will allow you to display your tools in a personalized fashion and grant you ease of access to any tool that you need. Additionally, wall-mounted pegboards can be easily rearranged to make room for the hanging of new tools you receive as gifts or purchase out of necessity. Wall-mounted pegboards are easy to install and take up no floor room in your garage. They are very practical and compact, which is ideal for small or cluttered garages.

Storage Bins

Storing your important tools and materials in your garage requires a certain amount of protection. Heavy duty plastic storage bins are an ideal medium for tool storage because they not only provide durable shock absorbing protection, they will prevent moisture and dirt from accumulating in your tools. They are especially useful for tool storage in an auto repair shop, where heavy mechanical parts make the work area dangerous for expensive tools.

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Tool Chests

Many mechanics and repairmen trust the protection of their tools to a durable tool chest made out of steel. Although handheld toolboxes are most commonly seen with repairmen, there are multiple types of toolboxes available. Large toolboxes, also known as tool chests, can easily take up a large section of a garage wall and will have wheels for easy relocation. Tool chests boast several shelves, drawers, and locking doors to keep your expensive tools safe from thieves and children.

Tool Bins

Organizing your larger tools is easy, but finding a place to organize your nails and screws can be a lesson in frustration. Tool bins are your best choices when it comes time to sort and organize your vast tool bit, washer, nut, and bolt collections. The drawers are also transparent to make it easier to find the items that you need.

No matter how durable companies make their tools, they’re still prone to malfunctions and damages. This is especially true if the tools aren’t cared for properly. Be sure to read your owner’s manual on how to properly clean, oil, and care for your expensive tools.

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