Gen X Home Tech that Has Gotten a Gen Z Upgrade

Gen X Home Tech that Has Gotten a Gen Z Upgrade

If you are around the age of 40, then you are likely to know the pattern of upgrading older technologies and designs. Today, there are mobile apps for almost everything. Technology is transforming by leaps and bounds with upgrades from the newer generation. Here are four key innovations that are not new to the market, but the features sure are fresh and welcome.

Garage door openers

20 years ago, garage door openers were large remotes we stashed in our glove boxes. These items are non-essential now. Mobile apps mean you can click a few buttons on your cell phone and voila, the garage door opens and closes. These technologies make it safer for your family and ensure your garage door does not come open when the neighbor uses the same frequency.


Do all your favorite television shows come on at the same time? Are you a sports lover who can never choose which channel to watch? If you are switching between events, then opt for a DVR system. These innovative machines can record several shows at the same time allowing you to rewind, pause, and fast-forward through the commercials. While this may give you flashbacks to the 90’s, you can actually now use these systems to live-stream your recorded shows to your phone, laptop, or other wifi devices.

Vacuum cleaners

Forget about spending every evening sweeping up the animal fur and grass clippings from your carpet. Innovative influencers are using social media and mobile apps to develop and sell new technologies. One thing this group believes in is making chores easier for everyone. Robot vacuums are affordable vacuum cleaners every home can take advantage of to make housework easier. Many are now becoming more interactive, giving you the fun of a little robot pet that cleans messes instead of making them.

Refrigerators and other appliances

Who knew your refrigerator would one day tell you the milk was running low? Did you ever expect your washing machine to portion out the laundry soap per load, saving you from getting a gooey mess on your hands if you spilled the detergent in the cap? With the rise of Gen Z comes a whole new era of technological conveniences with finding new ways to integrate home automation into mobile apps and using things like Google Assistant to power it all.

When generation Xer’s were young, the possibilities seemed endless, but now the technology field is advancing faster than ever. Even Gen Z kids are shaking up the tech already, coming up with ideas for science projects and fairs using social media connections across the globe. Contests are no longer for a specific area. Technology allows collaboration across many platforms. Whiteboard discussions let Generation Z teams brainstorm and work out solutions to problems at a faster rate than Generation X members 20 years ago.

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