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A house full of cockroaches give the impression of an untidy resident, and this is what happens in most of the cases since the roaches are attracted to dirty and dump areas. Having Cockroaches running around the house does not just make it look dingy but it also brings some serious diseases. . Now, there are tons of insecticides available at the market promising to exterminate roots of these unfriendly roaches but most of them do not impact for a greater period of time.

It’s up to you how much time and energy are you dedicating to eliminate these insects from your home. You’ll have to look up for some of the most effective home remedies that we have assembled here for you, and also some ideas that might help you to end the roots and populations of roaches from your house completely.

Clean Your House Properly

It is very easy to renovate your house and make the apparent perceptible places eye-catching, but to get rid of those roaches, you’ve got to thoroughly clean your house, and by that I mean taking care of inside of your house where the cockroaches like to nest up. Especially, look after your kitchen – the cupboards, inside of your dishwashing sink, and all those containers that are keeping your food. You wouldn’t want insect to run widely on your food also this make you and your family sick.

Moreover, the most eminent thing to keep in mind is not to put wet pots, piece of clothes, or even food containers in your cupboards, cause roaches love the dump. Also, try mopping floor of your house on regular basis, keeping in mind not to wet your walls or any gaps between window frames, walls, etc. On regular basis, dispose of garbage and prevent leaving food uncovered on plates at night or even in the morning.

Get Rid Of Cockroaches Fast

Using Cockroach Bait

There are so many insecticide brands that sells cockroach bait, which is considered as one of the most effective way to eliminate roaches completely. The procedure follows with some precautions, like keeping your child out of the reach of these bait along with your pets and edibles. These baits come on either childproof case or in the form of gel that contains poison within some attractive food for the roaches. The insects take the traces of the poison with them to their place of living, and spread the poison among their population.

The best way to use this bait is by placing it in the areas where there’s high chances of roaches’ existence. For instance, under the sink, floor gaps, inside the cupboards and corners of the house. This is a slow yet effective process, so you might have to wait for several days to make the bait work and kill the roaches completely.

Homemade Bait        

Homemade baits is also quite effective as well as in expernsive way to get rid of roaches with a little effort to put. All you need is few ingredients; one part of not granular boric acid, one part of white sugar, and one part of white flour. You can add this mixture behind the drawers, under the furniture, or on the places the roaches most likely to be found. Also, you can add cocoa powder in place of sugar to the mixture; it is also very effective. If you are living in a humid environment, try to place the mixture on wax paper or foil tray, and keep it away from children and pets.

Use Traps and Insecticides Spray                     

These methods are not long lasting and they are effective for the adult and wandered roaches only. You can made homemade traps like putting a bottle with water and a little bait in it to lure the bugs, and making traps to kill them. Also, using the stored insecticides sprays and liquid concentrate also contain poison that can kill the roaches, but these two aforementioned options only last for the visible roaches and not help killing the nest.

Professional Pesticides

There are many myths that people believe when it comes to seeking professionals help to get rid of cockroaches and pests from your house but the matter of fact is that these professionals’ pest control experts can actually be life savers if you choose them wisely. Before selecting the right pest control experts for you need to seek for following things in them:

  1. Is the company you are thinking to call is licensed
  2. Are they willing to discuss the treatment procedure required by your house?
  3. Does this company have a good record? And does it guarantee its work?
  4. Is this company affiliated and certified with professional pest control association?

If you got all the answer in affirmative then you are good to go with this service provider, if not its better to find someone who can satisfy you with their service and answer these question in positive.

PS: Always remember while looking for pesticides choose the only one that contain Cypermethrin. These professional baits, sprays, and glue traps are more effective than the local ones that are easily available on any store. These poisonous products will not only kill the roaches but also kill any other bug that will reach the roaches like spiders and millipedes.

Above discuss are a few of the most effective ways to get rid of those dangling creatures who have lurked in to your house without your permission, in my opinion. If you have some better way to get rid of roaches and other termites please share in the comment box below. J