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Whilst most people have been given a business card at some point, many don’t really register when it comes to being memorable. Plastic cards are not only more durable, but they offer the opportunity to create a card which will really stand out and include all the information you want to pass on.

Stand Out From The Crowd
Whatever your business, from a small one-man-band run from your kitchen table to a large multinational with branches in countries across the globe, being memorable is often the best way to promote your business. You may achieve this simply through having a product so unique which isn’t available from anywhere else, but if you work in a competitive industry, you may feel that every conversation you have could be the one which takes your business to the next level. You never know when you might be talking to someone who has the power to place an order which will double your profits, or when you might have just met someone who will offer you your next job. Whatever industry you work in, at whatever level and how ever you see your future, if you have met someone who you want to work with, then you want to be sure your business card makes an impact.

Consider The Message
Whilst the main purpose of a business card is to convey contact information, a little ingenuity could see your card offering much more than that. New technology could allow you to provide much more than just a phone number all on a card which is small enough to easily be carried in a wallet or pocket. Alongside your name, job role and phone number, you could also include your website address and social media links that might be relevant and even a QR Code to enable someone to access a whole raft of relevant information at the click of a button. Someone who works as a freelance employee might want to include a brief list of their qualifications or skills and with printed plastic cards you can have any or all of this information in a format that is easy to carry around with you at all times.
Get Networking
Having a business card is only practical if you actually carry them with you and don’t end up leaving them in a box on your desk. Anyone who has ever put a business card through the wash will know that it can happen more frequently than you might think when you are constantly carrying a few in your pockets, but even if you don’t have them gumming up the works of your washing machine they start to look tatty pretty quickly. Having printed plastic cards can reduce the chances that you will hand someone a battered and tatty looking card which will make you look unprofessional and because a plastic card will last longer in the recipient’s pocket,your chances of achieving your goals will increase too.

Idania is a business networking enthusiast who helps his clients to maximise their contacts and achieve their goals through forming social connections. She writes for a number of different resources around the web and often recommends printed plastic cards for business use to anyone who wants to make an impact.