Get Some Light In Your Home

Get Some Light In Your Home

Dark, dreary rooms do little to lift the spirit of your home, so if yours don’t get much light, then maybe it’s time to think about how you can brighten things up a bit.

Let there be light
Try to identify those pesky light sappers in your home. Whether it’s the heavy, dark curtains that swallow up your windows, or the faded nets that shield out the day, there’s probably a great deal you can do to improve light levels without too much upheaval.  Replace dark curtains with bright and airy ones and tie them back or open them as far as possible during the daytime.  Replace nets with reflective blinds that allow welcoming daylight to stream through.

Consider what other things may be stealing the natural light.  Even items such knickknacks and billowing plants on windowsills can be guilty of light-robbing crimes.

Sparkling windows
Grime, dust and muck can soon build up on your windows, so clean them regularly to ensure they sparkle and encourage the light to flow in.  Wiping your blinds down and

washing your curtains every now and again can also keep your window areas looking fresh and at their very best.

Replace or add new windows
If your budget allows, it’s worth considering giving dated windows a face-lift by replacing them with more modern alternatives.  Stick to clear glass, though, rather than frosted versions for affording the best flow of light.  If you only have small window areas, then up-sizing to larger ones will boost light levels no end, as would adding new windows to areas or walls which don’t yet have any.  Installing oak French doors is another great example of adding light to your home with a modern yet sophisticated flavour.

Don’t forget about skylights, either.  They come in a range of types and sizes, suiting all manner of rooms, roofs and budgets.  So, if light is at a premium in your home, then this could be an option to think about.

Furniture and décor
Subtle changes in light levels to your home can be achieved by what you have in it, and how your rooms look.  It might sound obvious, but if your walls are dark, heavy shades then they’ll soak up any available light, rather than reflect it.  So, opt for light and airy shades and tones.  Mirrors are also clever must-haves for any home, as they not only reflect light from the outside, but can increase the sense of space to a room.

Dark, heavy furniture can also surge gloom levels to a room, so opt for light wood and bright, pastel-shades to reflect that all-important light.  Replacing solid dark doors with internal oak doors of lighter, natural shades can allow light to easily flow from one room to another.

Work with the light
Get to know how the natural light affects each room of your house.  South-facing rooms on sunny days will burst with light and energy, so spend the daylight hours in these rooms, if you can.  Keep naturally dark rooms well-lit with lighting that is bright but not too harsh, and consider adding dimmers so your body clock can work in tune with light levels that are as natural as possible.

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