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Imagine the scene, you just purchased your first house and are ready to start making repairs before you move in. Some rooms are in great order; they just need a fresh coat of paint. The kitchen has modern appliances and needs no work. Then you come to the bathrooms and wonder “what on earth were they thinking?” Now you have to start coming up with ideas on how to make it less tacky and more you.

Here are a few options for a makeover:

Complete Makeover
Your best bet may be to do a complete makeover. Put in a new sink, tub, toilet, mirrors, everything. Choose the color you want and paint away. Purchase matching accessories to go with your color scheme. Cups, towels, bathmats, shower curtains, toothbrush holder, even a scale can add some pop to your new bathroom.

Make it Modern
Maybe the bathroom just needs some sprucing up to make it more modern. Instead of installing all new appliances, focus on one or two things.  For instance, install a more futuristic looking sink and a new showerhead. After focusing on a few items, you could undergo the process of bathrub refinishing to make the tub more modern. Just don’t forget to add your favorite accessorizes.

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Once you have made over your new bathroom, decide what type of atmosphere you want to have. Here are a few different ideas to consider:

Victorian Beauty
To instill some old world charm, make your bathroom Victorian style with a clawfoot tub and fancy mirrors. According to designer David Heide, the key is to make the room feel authentic with new pieces that look like they have always been there. Trim tiles and flooring made of Carrara marble and leggy console sink are perfect pieces. And don’t forget details such as faucets, doorknobs and shower head.

Crisp and Clean
Many individuals love the crisp and clean look. Like in every commercial for bathroom products ever, everything is white and in place. For this look, include items with a classic feel to them. Even if you want all white, it is nice to add a little bit of color. It doesn’t have to be neon and loud, but some black or grey helps accentuate the room better.

Relax the Night Away
After a hard day there is nothing better than coming home and taking a nice relaxing bubble bath. Create a serene environment that includes candles and your favorite bubbles. Having a good book handy is also a good idea. Keep accessories to a minimum and hide all the hair dryers, curling irons and sprays.

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