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Photo by Marcelo Gerpe.

As time passes you might find you no longer need some items. Be it because you are a student who has just finished university and is going back home, or simply because you just have a lot of things you don’t use anymore. It is true that a lot of old belongings wind up sitting in some lonely corner of your house.

Trade In
There are shops that accept trades. You can either sell your stuff or get something else in exchange. It should go without saying that your items need to be in good condition!

The shops will evaluate what you trade in and you can easily bargain. Some other shops will have fixed price lists where they will tell you what they buy and sell.

This is a great way to save money and get a new phone for example, it’s also practical as you can sell your old one and get the new one from the same place.

Charity Shops
There are shops entirely dedicated to collecting clothes or other items that they go on to resell at a lower price with the purpose of raising money for charity.

If you are feeling charitable, these shops are a great way to both avoid the waste stream and help other people who are in need. Again, you need to make sure your items are in some decent state.

On that note only 2% of clothing is classed as a waste, amazingly, and what cannot be sold is usually recycled as fabric.

Go to Events
Let’s say you have this World War II uniform cap. You aren’t a collector and you don’t really care for it, or it might remind you of things you’d rather forget.

Have a Google around and see if there are any events where such items are traded or sold. Re-enactors would love to get their hands on some originals, and are willing to pay quite a bit for them – while some people are satisfied to look the part, others want to wear the real thing.

Auction Sites
There are so many sites out there where you can sell your old shoes or even your car. When it comes to live auctions in the UK there are quite a few websites to choose from.

About half the sales done online are carried out via global retailers and online auction sites, so as long as your items are in good shape, you are very likely to find a buyer.

Whether you are renovating the house, moving or simply going through your wardrobe there are a lot of ways for you to get rid of unwanted items. What’s your favourite one?

Elise Lévêque is a shopping maniac – if it’s a nice dress she’ll be likely to buy it, but that also means she has to keep her wardrobe in check. Here she shares a few tips for deal2reveal.