Getting The Right Look For Your Next Job Interview

Getting The Right Look For Your Next Job Interview

In this state of the economy, every job interview counts. If you’re lucky enough to stand out amongst a pile of resumes and cover letters, you need to use your opportunity to its fullest. This all starts with your appearance. When you look well-put-together on the outside, people are more likely to hear what you have to say. Here are some quick tips to help you get the right look for your next job interview.

The Clothes

The clothing you wear to your job interview will depend on where you’re applying for a job. If you’re applying for work at a pizza place, some dark jeans and a polo shirt may do just fine. If you’re applying for work in a corporate office, you need to wear something professional. A well-tailored suit will work well, but so will a dress with a blazer and a pair of panty hose (assuming you’re a woman). Add a little pizzazz to the look either in the top or in the accessories, just so the employer has something to remember you by. You don’t have to be boring to be professional.

The Hair

For men, the hair needs to be simple. Either slick it to the side like a 50s frat boy or leave it loose and trimmed. You don’t want to have a solid set of hair like someone from the Jersey Shore, but you also don’t want to look like a shaggy dog. Play around with some different looks to see which one will suit the office the most.

For women, make your hair look as healthy as possible. You can pull it back in a bun if you have long hair, or you can just straighten it and keep it clean. If you have crazy colors in your hair, wash them out or dye over them so your employer doesn’t get the wrong idea.

The Makeup

Men obviously don’t have to worry about makeup, but they should still worry about their skin. Smooth skin indicates that a man takes care of himself, and that implies responsibility. Wash your face regularly to eliminate blemishes, and keep an eye out for problems before they form. Women should follow the same advice, and then focus on keeping the makeup light and natural. Use mineral foundation if at all possible, and try to wear neutral colors that look close to your skin. You may feel simplistic in this, but you will be more desirable to employers that way.

Use the advice above the next time you have a job interview, and you are guaranteed to look the part. Now let’s cross our fingers that you get the job too!

About the Author: Trisha is a recruiting agent for a large manufacturing plant in her home town. She looks for candidates who have strong skills, good ethics, and clear skin before she hires a new worker in the plant. She uses the Riiviva Microderm to look her best every day!

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