Gift Ideas For The True British Gent

Gift Ideas For The True British Gent

The Hollywood image of English gents in hunting jackets, twiddling with their curly moustaches and quaffing tea might not be quite accurate but never has traditional British charm been more fashionable than it is now. From trendy Union Jack cushions to Olympic fever, the world can’t get enough of the Brits at the moment. If you’re looking for some gift ideas to treat a man in your life then let him play up to the traditions of Britishness in true gentrified style. Here are some dignified delights dripping with regal charm:

Wet shave and traditional haircut
Well the true gent has to look good now, doesn’t he? It’s not all about designer stubble and scruffy barnets, treat your man to the man’s version of a beauty makeover. Hot towels and a cut throat razor are the classic way to ensure a smooth finish, while a traditional barber cut with a head massage thrown in for good measure will ensure he comes out looking and feeling his best.

Afternoon tea
Well if one is going to quaff tea then one might as well do it in style, agreed? Afternoon tea has come back into fashion in a big way and there are plenty of places where you can enjoy it in true style. From elegant tea rooms to opulent hotels, high quality pots of tea, sandwiches and cream cakes are the sophisticated way for some afternoon sustenance. Throw in some champagne for a touch of glamour too and you won’t go far wrong.

A day at the races
It’s not known as the ‘sport of kings’ for nothing you now. From raucous and rowdy to regal and splendid, a day at the races can be whatever you want it to be, but it is guaranteed to be thrill-a-minute fun. Entry to some of Britain’s best racecourses is more affordable than you might think, even for some of the biggest occasions, but you can of course splash the cash and do it in celebrity style in the VIP areas, complete with free-flowing champagne and finely dressed ladies and gentlemen all around.

Clay pigeon shooting
While you may want to draw the gentrified line at going out hunting, you can still treat your man to the chance for him to get his hands on a rifle and aim for the skies without worrying about any animals or birds getting hurt. Shooting pigeons, the clay variety, is great fun and as much of a test of skill as shooting ever was. He can even don full hunting gear if he really wants to get into the spirit of things.

A round of golf
With clubhouse traditions and courses dating back centuries, golf is a British institution and a true gentleman’s sport. Anything which involves sport is sure to make for great gifts for men and golfing taster sessions or expert lessons will give your man the chance to learn some great new skills to show off to his friends, while learning the etiquette of the course at the same time.

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