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Gifts That Keep On Giving

If you want to make sure your gift is the most memorable one the recipient has ever been given, you’ll need to do a little more work upfront, but it will pay off! If you choose the right gift, you’ll earn the title of the best gift-giver and your gift will be discussed for years to come. Isn’t that better than a quick, thoughtless gift that is forgotten a month later?

To really earn the title, you’ll need to look at presents that keep delivering to their recipient long after you have handed them off. These typically aren’t physical presents, however expensive or luxurious they might be. Instead, the gift of an experience comes with a lifetime of memories for the recipient to enjoy long after an object will break or be given away.

Choosing a gift 
Keep the personality, interests, and hobbies of your recipient in mind as you decide on a memorable experience. If they are a big fan of a TV show, look at buying them convention tickets, or see if it’s possible to get a set tour or a phone chat with one of the actors. For those who enjoy outdoor sports, see if there’s an extreme sports experience they’ve always wanted to try.

You might have to engage in some sneaky questioning to figure out what they’ve always wanted to do. To find this out, try starting a conversation about things you have on your “bucket list” or adventures you’ve always wanted to go on. You might be surprised at what you find out!

Ideas for everyone 
If your recipient is a sports fan, look at stadium tours offered by their favorite team or players, or see if there’s a VIP “meet and greet” available after a game so they can ask questions and meet their favorite sports stars – otherwise, top-of-the-line tickets are the way to go.

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How about budding musicians? Buy them time in a recording studio as part of a package that will give them coaching in how to record, and a demo to take home and send to everyone later. An autographed or original musical instrument is one of the exceptions to the “experiences, not stuff” rule, because playing an old instrument can be an experience in itself.

Does your recipient enjoy extreme sports? There are all kinds of sports packages available that offer mountain biking, rock climbing, zip-lining, para-gliding, stand-up surfing, and more. There’s bound to be sports experiences available in any season.

These are just a few examples of experiences you could give your recipient to make sure that your gift keeps giving long after the occasion has passed. If you gift them an experience and not another object like everyone else, you’ll give them memories to treasure forever.

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