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Want to stay fit but don’t have much time to join a gym? Here is an interesting solution for those who love to stay fit by working out at home. All you need is a deck of card. This is right, a deck of cards! This new type of workout or exercise will be fun for those who don’t like boring gym sessions for exercising. This will be customizable for your fitness level and unlike boring gym sessions, this home fitness process will be very interesting.

You can utilize the exercise playing cards the way you need, creating interesting and innovative variations for yourself. You can alter the intensity according to your wish. You can either have body weight exercises for building muscles or have some yoga at your home.

Give Up Boring Exercises With Deck Of Cards - Stay Fit and Healthy

The concept of exercise playing cards is very simple yet so effective. The main advantage of this card is that you can take this anywhere. This fitness cards will allow you to choose how much calorie you wish to work out. We can melt up to 600 calories within an hour. You can have body weight exercises using dumbbells, a medicine ball, an exercise ball, a resistance tube and a mat. You can also work out without any equipment, just using the body weight of your own. There are many choices in this process of home fitness. You can select less or more hard exercise depending on your capacity to handle. Now let’s describe how to use these exercise playing cards.

Set your Workout According to the Card Number

First, shuffle all the cards and then put the cards on a paper. Now deal a card and perform that exercise for the number of times on that card according to the suit. The rule is that for a number card, you have to do that number of repetitions which is on the card. For aces you have to perform 11 repetitions, for jacks you have to perform 12 repetitions, for queens you have to perform 13 repetitions, for kings you have to perform 14 repetitions, for joker you have to perform 15 repetitions or 4 sets of 10 seconds sprinting.

And set exercises for cards, pushups for hearts (ladies should do this from knees), sit ups or crunches for diamonds, squats with a weight for spades(for ladies 10 before men 25 lb) and burpees for the clubs. You can also set your own exercises for each of the cards. If you are a beginner then start with easiest assignment and when you get fatigued take more time between two cards. And when you feel that you are very much tired than either take an extended break or end the workout for then. You have to count the number of cards that you have dealt before you stop and next time try to increase the number.

This exercise playing card has become very popular amongst the people who love to stay fit because it delivers fun when exercising because they are getting something new every day. Another important thing is that you can carry it everywhere and you won’t miss a single day of exercising even when you are traveling and the most interesting part of these cards is that it makes exercising fun. The best part of doing these exercises is you do not need a personal trainer or any sort of exercising equipment for performing the exercise. Just spare some of your time everyday and get a fit healthy body with the deck of cards exercises. And believe me you will love this exercise for sure.

Bio: Above article has been contributed by Paul Jones and he is specialist triathlon coach in UK. In his free time he loves to spend time with his friends and loved ones.