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A house is not just a structure. It is a home where you and your family create memories and make dreams a reality. So, it’s but natural for you to protect your abode from everything, and this includes very destructive termites. Termites may be small, but they are scary creatures. No, they don’t look that creepy at all, and their minute size is not at all intimidating. However, their ability to cause thousands, even millions of dollars worth of damage is the one thing that fills many homeowners with fear.

Taking care of a termite problem is not an easy task. Termites are experts at keeping their activities very secret. An infestation could be going on right under your feet, and you won’t even notice it. Well, not until it gets really out of hand. Because termites are nasty creatures that prey on vulnerable properties, it is best to be prudent. Protect your home from termites, and if ever you do see one or two of these critters crawling around, make sure to focus on finding out if you’re home is infested or not. Don’t ignore them because termites won’t stop just because you pay no attention to them. They will only move to other parts of your home and eat your house little by little until there’s almost nothing left.

So, there are several ways to prevent a termite infestation, and there are also many methods that you can use in order to kill these creatures in case your property is already plagued by these bugs. Some methods use substances that are toxic not only to people but to the environment as well. If you want to use greener methods, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Make use of eco-friendly termite baits.

It’s actually pretty easy to use termite baits. You can purchase baits, which usually just look like wood encased in a strong tube of plastic. These tubes should be placed around your home so that before termites get to your main house, they’ll first get to these baits. Once you see termites swarming all over the enclosed wood, place some bait so that the worker termites will bring the poisoned food to their queen. So, you have to check the bait stations regularly.

Using termite baits is already an environmentally friendly move. Why? When using baits, you don’t have to saturate grounds with toxic substances just to get to those termites. In case there are termites, you only need to put a small amount of bait on the wood inside the plastic housing. The termites will unknowingly distribute the poisonous substance to other termites. Also, you can choose what type of bait to use.

2. Make the most of essential oils.

Orange oil and clove bud oils can be used to kill termites. These oils are most effective when sprayed directly on termites, or these could also be spritzed on affected wood. There are also other kinds of oils, such as cedarwood, garlic and tea tree oils, which can be used to deter termites.

3. Contact eco-friendly pest control companies.

In case your termite problem is too complicated for you to handle, then call the experts. Opt for pest control companies that use green or eco-friendly substances or methods for termite eradication or control. Select companies that are certified by eco-friendly organizations.

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Claire Trent is a freelance blogger. She writes articles about how to prevent and eradicate common household pests. She also writes for Affordable Pest in Glen Burnie, which offers reliable termite elimination services.