Good Aspects of Pre Receival Advice

Let’s clear up any and all misconceptions that you might have considering Pre Receival Advice at the very beginning of this article. So, first of all, Pre Receival Advice (or more commonly known as PRA) is a digital form of paperwork that is sent to the docking terminal before any kind of shipment reaches its destination. It is concerned with any and all information that is related to the cargo. Since, in some cases, the cargo is fragile and prone to destruction, this information is vital for the cargo’s good shape and properties. Furthermore, the people that are handling the cargo have the information related to how to do so sent to them. Before Pre Receival Advice was invented and introduced, all this documentation was sent in paper form. It was called Export Receival Advice (or ERA). PRA is, actually, a digital substitute for ERA. So, naturally, now the process of sending information to the docking terminals is much easier.

The following text is concerned with all the good aspects of Pre Receival Advice, and after reading it, you should be well aware of everything that is related to this particular topic.

The good aspects of PRA are listed in the following text:

1              There is, actually, a lot of information that has to be sent to the docking terminal, before the shipment is docked. The properties of the shipment, the most adequate vent and temperature settings of the container carrying the particular cargo, proof of customs clearance, and much more information are sent using the Pre Receival Advice program. Since all this information is sent by the shipping company, it is vital for the well being of the cargo, that the shipping company inputs only accurate information. So, there is no room for error.

2              Pre Receival Advice provides assistance when locating any and all problems that may or may not happen to the cargo. This assistance is provided before the shipment takes off. Before PRA was introduced, human error was very common in this sphere of the shipping business. Sometimes people fail to set everything right. Now, when they have the PRA program to reassure that everything is OK, all this is much easier.

3              Since everything that is related to the cargo’s well being is set before the shipment takes off, the whole journey is more efficient and more trouble-free.

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4              Pre Receival Advice is a program that functions on its own, naturally. Therefore, the people working for the shipping company have more time to tend to everything else that needs to be done during the shipment.

5              PRA is considered to be safety insurance. If it is supplied with correct information, then, consequently, when the shipment arrives, the cargo within will be intact.

6              The Pre Receival Advice program has proven to help the police department, and all similar authorities, when they are looking for an illegal shipment. This is logical, since all the shipments that have improper PRA are investigated thoroughly. There were many cases when PRA helped the narcotics department find a shipment of illegal goods. Also there were cases when Pre Receival Advice helped indentify shipments of illegal weapons. So, if you are a criminal that is shipping drugs, or weapons or any other illegal material, beware of PRA.

As you can see, PRA really has its advantages. However there are two disadvantages, if they can be considered disadvantages in the first place. The first is connected to human error. If the shipping company supplies the PRA program with incorrect information, then when the shipment arrives, the cargo will most probably be damaged. For example, if the cargo is a large quantity of candles, and the temperature of the shipping container is set to be high, then the candles will melt. This kind of error cannot be compensated for. The second disadvantage is connected to the fact that PRA can only function when the internet connection and the overall electricity is functioning properly. If this malfunctions, PRA will malfunction as well.

All businesses are introducing technological and digital improvements to their working habits. It is only natural that businesses that are related to the shipping of any kind of cargo and container tracking services will have technological improvements that are used in order to minimize human error.

To sum up, this is all there is to say about Pre Receival Advice. After reading this you should have some general knowledge about why PRA is beneficial. Feel free to ask around and check the internet for additional information if you want to.

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