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One way of tracking the trending topics or how a topic is trending is by using Google Insights. When talking about divorce, there are many keywords that are often used in order to get some quick facts online.

Through Insights, the total number of searches made on Google for a specific keyword(s) can be tracked and the overall trend can be observed. Basically, the data is from 2004 until present.

So I did a small experiment in order to get a glimpse of what people search for, regarding divorce. The first thing I did here was to list the keywords that will most probably be searched.

Searching through SEMRush

The first thing was to check SEMRush for the keywords with the most search volume in the US. Here’s the list of the topic searched for and the top three keywords.

How to divorce

  • how to divorce
  • how to file for divorce
  • how to get a divorce

Divorce fees

  • divorce attorney fees
  • divorce fees
  • divorce lawyer fees

Divorce advice

  • divorce advice
  • divorce advice for men
  • divorce advice for women

Insights from Google Insights

So, I then checked the top keywords for each category in order to check how they were searched in Google since 2004. The data is limited to Google searches in US (same with the SEMRush keyword search).

How to divorce

The graph shows that the search volume for this keyword is gradually increasing. The term is most popular in Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Divorce attorney fees

This keyword is most popular in Georgia, Illinois, Florida, Texas, and California. It is also projected to gradually rise, although it is not as smooth as compared to the first keyword.

Divorce advice

Basically, there is a decline in the search volume of this keyword, although there is no projected values yet for the second half of 2012 yet.

Top three keywords

Upon checking the trend for the three keywords, it is clear that how to divorce searches are higher in volume as compared to the others.

Maybe the keywords that I used are “faulty” but the trend for the keywords how to divorce, how to file for divorce, and how to get a divorce are consistent. The volume of search for these keywords are gradually increasing.

Insights as data source

Insights can provide data for the period starting from 2004. With regard to how to divorce searches, there may be several reasons why more and more people search for it. However, we can only guess because people’s motives when searching are not indicated and cannot be empirically quantified (unless there are some surveys).

In the simple search that I did above, it seems clear that most people check for the process of filing divorce and divorce lawyer fees. For divorce advice, there was a decline since 2010, and so far the search volume is steady since the end of 2010 until present.

Author bio:

Ric writes about divorce and anything related to it. In this article, he explores some trending divorce keywords. He also writes for a law firm in Delray Beach, Florida.