Great Fundraising Ideas For Organizations

Great Fundraising Ideas for Organizations

Fundraising is an excellent way for organizations to connect with members of the community. Making donations can be as rewarding as receiving them, and the interaction between residents and local organizations helps promote community growth. Fundraising events are usually exciting and interesting, so recruiting volunteers is rarely a problem. From selling gourmet popcorn to running a fashion show, fundraising events have a way of bringing everyone together while raising money for a great cause or group. The following ideas make for unforgettable events, as well as amazing opportunities to raise a great deal of money.

Movie Night

Showing movies can be a huge money-maker that’s fun for everyone, provided you have adequate space. Be sure to show films with broad appeal for people of all ages. Choose two or three relatively recent releases if possible. Charge a small admission fee at the door and sell refreshments to really boost your profit-making potential. Opt for homemade treats and punch, iced tea or lemonade to cut costs.

Snack Sales

A snack sale is like a bake sale, but better. Update the traditional bake sale by selling more than just brownies, cookies and other sweet treats. Boost your profit margin and liven things up by selling homemade candy, gourmet popcorn and other upgraded snack options. Popcorn is especially versatile because you can offer sweet, savory and spicy varieties with the right seasonings. Having unique offerings will create a buzz and help you sell more snack items.

Car Washes

Car washes may not be all that innovative, but they qualify as old fundraising standbys for a reason: they work. Everyone wants a clean car, and this type of event doesn’t require a time investment, a lot of money or a major commitment from community members. Car washes are also low-maintenance events. All you need are a large open space with a source of water, car-cleaning supplies and enthusiastic volunteers.

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Fundraising Opportunities Galore

The only limit on your fundraising options is your imagination. These ideas will work for many types of organizations due to their low operation cost and the “fun factor.” They can also inspire you to come up with creative, interesting, profitable ideas of your own.

From the tried-and-true car wash to a more sophisticated version of the bake sale, your options are nearly endless. You’ll raise funds and awareness for your organization, provide a fun-filled event for local citizens and foster a strong sense of community. Chances are you’ll even gain long-term volunteers who can’t wait to staff your organization’s next fundraising event.

Stephen Craig has organized many fundraising events for non-profit organizations. Follow him @SCraigSEO.

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