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The style and design of a room or property is not only down to personal taste but also the period of the property in question.

When people buy new homes, they want them to be different and up to date with the latest trends and styles. Many also choose to keep the style and era of the property in line so not every design can be completely modern or minimalistic.

A period property looks best when decorated not only to your taste, but when your taste also matches the building. Modern pieces can sometimes be mixed into a period home. However, too many modern pieces can mean the old dated look of the property or room gets lost.

Many people often go through a phase of boredom and decide to redecorate or completely change the appearance of either a room or the whole house. As time moves on, people’s tastes change, the colour schemes change and the desire to have a completely fresh look grows stronger.

When people don’t have the time, skills or patience to decorate, the perfect answer to that is to employ an interior designer. There are professional, highly skilled designers who know everything about designing a home, ranging from a newly built modern house or apartment to a grand Victorian mansion. Whatever the task, a designer can work with you and collate your thoughts to give you the perfect look.

Most people say interior design is based on trust. Paying a company to design and decorate your home is risky but the results can be stunning. People set up small companies which can become so successful and popular that home improvement magazines start noticing them and advertising and rewarding them for their excellent work. This is how people hear about them. Interior designers can range from being reasonable and sticking to the style of the client or, if the customer is brave enough and wants a big change, the designers can create the most fabulous, vibrant homes anyone could imagine.

Most people underestimate how difficult an interior designer’s job is. They need knowledge on everything, whether that relates to colour schemes, what makes rooms look bigger/smaller, layout of furniture, patterns, or combinations of colours etc. There is a lot to think about and from the client’s point of view it is all about trust. From the designer’s side, it is about having confidence that you will be able to make the client happy.

This article was written by Claire Ritchie on behalf of, Mayfair interiors specialist.