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Great Places To Travel On A Budget

Young travelers may not have the funds necessary to travel to the most famous travel destinations; a trip to Paris, for example, might simply be unaffordable. That doesn’t mean they have to forgo traveing. Here are a few travel destinations that young travelers on tight budgets should consider.

Historically, Egypt has been a top travel destination for European travelers. With wonderful beach resorts and the unrivaled history left behind by the ancient Egyptian culture, travelers will find a range of word-class destinations within the country. The recent unrest in Egypt, however, has caused many would-be visitors to spend their vacations elsewhere. Despite the unrest, tourist-friendly destinations in Egypt are as safe as ever, and travelers can find large discounts as the country attempts to re-establish its tourism industry.

San Diego, California
Those considering a vacation to the west coast of the United States generally consider three destinations: San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles. Budget-minded travelers, however, should consider the southern neighbor of Los Angeles, San Diego. San Diego offers dynamic natural scenery surrounding a beautiful, booming city. Hotel and car rental prices are considerable lower than its northern neighbors, and San Diego’s weather cannot be beat. The likelihood of having a vacation in San Diego spoiled by rain is decidedly low.

Taipei, Taiwan
Taiwan has long had a complicated relationship with mainland China. It does, however, offer its own long and storied history and culture. In recent years, Taiwan’s economy has boomed, and it is widely considered a safe, and beautiful, destination for travelers. Despite its advantages, Taiwan’s tourism industry is still in its early stages, and travelers will find prices far below comparable destinations. With mountains, beaches and wonderful cultural sites, Taiwan has something for all travelers.

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Namje, Nepal
Travelers seeking isolation and natural beauty should consider Namje, Nepal. Located within the world’s largest mountain range, the Himalayans, Namje is a tiny town with no road access. Footpaths lead to other small villages and offer stunning views of some of the highest peaks in the world. The tourism industry is small in Namje, but hotels and other accommodations help alleviate some of the disadvantages of travel to remote regions. Outside cultural influences are rare, and the native Nepalese maintain the same culture they have had for centuries.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota
Widely considered part of “flyover country,” the Twin Cities have offerings to match more popular tourism spots such as Seattle, Washington. While winter is often bone-shatteringly cold, Minneapolis and Saint Paul offer pleasant weather for three months out of the year. Art lovers will enjoy the Walker Art Center, considered one of the top five contemporary art museums, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Further, the Twin Cities offer two cities for the price of one; the modern, cosmopolitan Minneapolis contrasts well with the older, historical Saint Paul.

Verduno, Italy
Italy offers three vacation spots that are considered some of the best in the world: Rome, Florence and Venice. However, with their reputation comes high prices. For those looking to vacation in Italy without breaking the bank, Verduno offers the same stunning weather, food and history that big three cities offer. With its lower tourism rate, travelers to Verduno will find a more authentic experience than the main three Italian destinations offer.

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