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Great Travel Ideas In Victoria, BC

Traveling in Victoria, BC

Victoria, Canada is an ideal location for any family vacation. Victoria is filled with numerous tourist attractions, and has perfect climate year round. There are many ways to reach Victoria, however one of the most popular methods is by plane. For those who wish to go a non-traditional route, Victoria features numerous cruise lines. Taking a cruise to Victoria is a notably more relaxing method of travel, rather than spending a few hours on a plane. Victoria is also known for being connected to maritime activities, and boats are in heavy use there.

Victoria is also home to many wonderful hotels and inns. This city has a variety of accommodations suited for different lifestyles. For those who enjoy staying in big cities and live for the nightlife, urban accommodations are available. However, Victoria also has many hotels and inns which are secluded from heavily populated areas. A Scented Garden Bed and Breakfast is one of the perfect places to stay while visiting Victoria, Canada. This bed and breakfast inn has a very colorful exterior, and is located directly next to the water. Rooms which are booking in this inn also come with basic household appliances, which increases your comfort during your stay.

For those more interested in the history of Victoria, the Chemainus Theatre Festival is a perfect destination for live entertainment and fun. The Chemainus Theatre showcases plays and musical performances from around the world, and the theater itself is in production all year. In addition to the beautiful plays and musical performances this theater produces, the architecture on the establishment itself is truly intricate. The theater also offers a dining room and a gift shop. Chemainus also owns numerous bed and breakfast establishments, allowing you to plan a whole trip to Victoria which focuses on the Chemainus Theatre and it’s performances.

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One of the most popular attractions to visit during your stay in Victoria is the Butchart Gardens. The Butchart Gardens is located next to the water, and exhibits a beautiful display of flowers, such as roses. The Butchart Gardens has over 55 acres of beautiful and serene foliage and flowers, which change during the seasons. Butchart Gardens is unique due to the fact that the plants change when the seasons change, making a visit in each season memorable. An event that occurs within the gardens is a firework show, which correlates perfectly with the theme of the garden.

Victoria is an area in Canada which is blooming with wildlife. Most of the notable wildlife featured in Victoria is located within the sea. Many attractions in Victoria offer tours out into the ocean, where whale watching and fishing events are held. Chartering a boat is relatively cheap, however if you wish to simply sail it is also notably cheap. In addition, a new attraction will soon be added to the town of Victoria, which is the Hippo Tours. Hippo Tours involves an amphibious bus, which is able to not only drive on land, but on water. It is a unique experience for any tourist as they get a tour of the sea. The Hippo Tour itself showcases the history of the town of Victoria while giving you a unique amphibious adventure!

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