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Guest Posting or Ghost Postings???Guest postings are one of the among the best time tested methods for improving the SEO ranking of your web page. They help in building the back links, key to increased page ranking. All those into blogging are no stranger to this fact.

Blogging or guest postings are quite new as internet was not previously available to all neither was the concept of blogging. Businesses did not use the internet to reach out to their clients. It’s a recent trend that most businesses irrespective of their size or nature of business or whether it’s a market leader or follower has an online presence. These companies are actively participating in blogging, which has now grown to a multimillion dollar business. With the ecommerce websites taking pre dominance, guest blogging was introduced. It has gained popularity since then and is a proven technique to improve the ranking of the web page.

Once considered an integral part of link building and improving the ranking of the company web page, guest blogging has lost its grounds now. It is no longer considered important. It can rather do more harm to the SEO ranks of your business than any good or so Matt Cutts, who heads the Search Quality Team at Google, thinks.

Why is it that Once Considered Pious, Guest Postings have now become a thing of the Past?

Guest blogging are now considered harmful for your site. All the data, back links, site kinks are together better known as Google Juice. If we go on sharing from the same juice, it won’t be long before all of it will be gone.

Many of the guest blogs may have broken back links which degrades the SEO ranking of your web site. Too many broken back links is not considered to be cool by Google. What was considered as guest blogs may well become ghost blogs as they vanish into thin air a few months down the line. The links they posted their blogs may have been deleted resulting in broken links.

If the blog is a popular one then it is very obvious that every blogger wants his guest blog to be published there but not all the blogs that come through is good enough to be published. In that case it tends to offend the guest blogger, losing the write as well as his readers.

Too much guest blogging may dilute the image of the original blogging site. Every blogger has his own style of writing and too many of these gust post dilutes the originality of the blogging site.

Irrelevant guest posts can lead to spamming of your site & lower response from the readers, both of which is not good for your blogging site.

So it is better to set firm guidelines for the guest bloggers to abide by. Screen and filter the blogs that come in and publish only the best. We must keep in mind that its quality that’s important and not the quantity. You can also limit the guest posting by publishing only the best ones and keeping them only for a few days.

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