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Halloween is a great time of the year to enjoy quality family time with your kids. Spending time together with your kids is an important part of child development and a good way to learn about your kids’ likes and dislikes, temperament, and learning styles. Nothing beats a good homemade Halloween costume! There are lots of great art and craft ideas for kids online. Here is a great costume you can make for your child – a flower fairy costume!

Halloween Crafts For Kids: Flower Fairy Costume


¸ Pink, purple and blue fabric scraps

¸ White ribbon about 4”in thickness

¸ Beads

¸ Buttons

¸ Pink leotard

¸ Pink tight

¸ Wooden dowel about a meter long

¸ Green acrylic paint

¸ Red and pink ribbons

¸ A piece of A4 size cardboard paper

¸ Glitters

¸ Feathers

¸ Construction paper of different colours

¸ 4 wire clothes hangers

¸ 2 pairs of white stockings

¸ Scissors

¸ Wire cutter

¸ Stapler

¸ Rubber band

¸ Duct tape

¸ Sellotape

¸ Glue

How to make a Dress:

1. Draw a flower petal 7”x12” on a piece of tracing paper. Cut it out and use it as a template for the skirt pieces.

2. Cut 9 petals each in pink, purple and blue.

3. Arrange the petals by alternating the colours.

4. Sew the piece together onto the white ribbon.

5. Add beads and buttons on the skirt for decoration.

How to make a Flower Headband:

1. Cut a 5cm wide strip of the pink construction paper to form a headband.

2. Wrap the strip of paper around your kid’s head to form a headband. Then, remove it from your child’s head and staple, glue, or tape the two ends of the strip together.

3. Cut an assortment of flower and leaf shapes to decorate the headband.

4. Glue the flowers and leaves to the headband.

How to make a Magic Wand:

1. Paint the wooden dowel green. Leave it aside to dry.

2. Cut the red and pink ribbons about 8” in length, two of each colour. Attach the ribbons to the tip of the dowel by securing them with a rubber band.

3. Cut a star out of the cardboard paper. Decorate it with glitter. Tape it to the top of the dowel with Sellotape.

How to make the Fairy Wings:

1. Open the wire cloth hangers.

2. Bend each hanger into the shape of wing. Make the lower parts of the wing smaller than the upper wings.

3. Twist the ends together. Leave about 2” of wire and cut off the excess.

4. Bend and twist the ends of the four wings together.

5. Use a piece of duct tape to tie the wings together.

6. Pull the white stocking over the wire frames.

7. Decorate the wings with glitters and feathers.

8. Cut two long pieces of white ribbon about the width of your kid’s torso.

9. Tie the ribbons around the centre of the wings.

For the final touch, put some flower tattoos or a pretty face paint design on your child’s face. Let’s get spooky and enjoy Halloween with these fun arts and crafts activities!