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Out of all the subjects to study in school, history is probably one of the most fascinating. It’s so inspiring to learn about the brave men and women who conquered so many fears and achieved so many notable dreams. You’d do your child a disservice if you didn’t teach them about what’s happened in the history in both their own country and around the world. When most people think back to their history classes, they think of a boring teacher with a monotone voice. In a homeschool setting, this doesn’t have to be your experience. In fact, consider adopting these ideas to teach your child about history in a fun way.

Happy Homeschooling: How To Make History Come Alive For Your Child

Consider Playing Dress-up

Take time to look at the attire of the people in specific times. Then, consider making costumes that are reminiscent of the times. If your child is learning about the Revolutionary War, take a trip to the thrift store to find blazers in bold colors like red and blue. Search online for hats and accessories that look authentic. Don’t forget to pull out the boots. If your child is learning about Egyptian history, create a costume that includes winged eyeliner, a gold head wrap, gold jewelry and white linens.

Go on Field Trips

One of the coolest parts of the homeschooling process is that you get to decide how you’d like to enhance the experience for your child. If you’re studying about the U.S. presidents, you can decide to take a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the White House and the monuments. If your child is learning more about the value of money and currency, you can take them to visit silver coin shops and get a hands-on experience.

Cook Certain Meals

It’s pretty safe to say that the forefathers weren’t chomping down on Doritos. Find out some of the culinary favorites in early American cuisine. Learn more about what the Native Americans made and enjoy dishes like corn cakes and succotash.

Pretend to Live in the Era for a Day

Playing make-believe is something that most children love to do. So, pretend to spend a day in a specific year. If you’re going back in time to the 1960s in America, learn the dances of the time and listen to the popular musical artists of the time. Listen to a radio show for entertainment. Find popular toys of the time like the Easy Bake Oven to play with. It’s all about fully immersing your child into the experience.

As you try these tips, you’ll see that your child will have a blast. Then, they’ll be able to learn and remember their history. Plus, you’ll both be able to retain such sweet memories with one another.