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Your cat can lead a fuller life by being able to go outside. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still keep them safe on their adventures. Here are some safety tips that you’ll need to consider in order to protect your cat.

Consider Your Collar Selection

Having a collar on your cat can help to make sure that they get home to you. The type of collar that you’ll want to select includes a breakaway feature. This safety feature will prevent your cat from getting hung up on things. Unlike with a dog, your cat will climb up into trees and onto other things. If their collar were to get caught, they could be severely injured. Another thing to consider is having them microchipped.

Treat Pests Appropriately

The life of an outdoor cat is one in which pests can prove to be a problem. Having all of your cat’s vaccines up-to-date will ensure that they can remain healthy. Another thing that you’ll need to consider is flea and tick treatments. Many brands are available from either your vet or the local pet store. Once monthly drops are very popular because of the ease of being able to treat your cat. This will protect them from unwanted pests and illnesses associated with them.

Provide a Refuge

You may be hesitant to let your cat out into the wide world. Traffic and other issues can make it more difficult on your cat’s ability to go outside. One solution is to contact your local fence company. This will allow you to provide a safe environment for your cat in your very own backyard. Look into creative options that will make it difficult for your cat to climb over or jump up onto the fence. Another thing to consider is shade and water during the day. Your cat can become dehydrated in the summer heat.

Nighttime Predators

The safest place for your cat during the night is inside. There are lots of nighttime predators that can prove to be problematic for your cat. Even in the city, raccoons and opossums can cause injuries to your pets. If you live in a more wooded area, there are other predators that you’ll need to take into account. Your cat may think that they’re tough, but faced with a wild animal, your cat is no match. Once daytime has returned, your cat should be fine enough outside.

Your cat doesn’t need to be stuck inside all of the time. Use these safety tips so that you don’t have to feel guilty about letting your cat go outside.