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Are you feeling depressed about turning 30 or 40? It’s no fun to constantly be reminded that time is passing and we’re not getting any younger! Why not counteract the feeling of time passing by having a nostalgia party! Relive your glory days and forget about the stresses and strains of being a grown up. And don’t worry about seeming out of touch – nostalgia parties are all the rage with kids these days, with 80s and 90s dance parties being popular on the club scene as well as a resurgence of 1920s style speakeasies popping up all over the place. Here are a few ideas for a retro themed party:

What’s Your Favourite Era?
The simplest way to throw a nostalgia party and the one that’s most accessible to your guests is to pick an era for your theme. Perhaps the flapper girls of the roaring 20s seduce you with their playful glamour, in which case serve up some martinis and Charleston the night away. Fan of Shakespeare? Have your guests arrive as Lords and Ladies and pledge their troth to one another through the medium of sonnets! Or if it’s the reckless abandon of your youth you want to recapture, dust off your copy of Now 35, dig out your old fluorescent t-shirts and get in a few bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 to relive your glory days.

Favourite Television Show
Now, you might not miss a thrilling episode of ‘Eastenders’, and the trials and tribulations of ‘The X Factor’ might have you hooked – but try to think about throwing a party in the theme of your favourite TV shows of yesteryear so that you and your guests can really go to town on dressing up. Did you love the super sleuthing of ‘The Avengers’ as a kid? Then dress up in Emma Peel’s trademark cat suit or John Steed’s iconic bowler hat and brolly. Or was it ‘Dynasty’ that kept you hooked throughout the 80s? If so you can opt for big hair, big shoulder pads and big drinks for your big day!

Maybe you can even mix these two themes; what about Television Shows of the 1980s or Movies of the 1970s? It’s easy to make costumes; everyone’s got some retro clothes lying at the back of their wardrobe that just needs dusting off to be used at a costume party.

Make up is also a great way to turn into another character; are you a big fan of ‘The Addams Family’? Simply wear some black clothing and paint your face a deathly pale for an instantly classic costume!

If you’re in doubt, why not raid your Mum or Dad’s wardrobe too? Whether you borrow from friends and family, head to a costume shop or browse online for a bargain, you’re sure to even find lifeguard fancy dress costumes for a ‘Baywatch’ themed party!