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Have A Tobacco-Lover In The Family? 4 Awesome Birthday Gifts To Consider

Shopping for a tobacco lover should be easy. There is always the gift of tobacco to fall back on when nothing else seems right. For a special birthday gift this year, consider some of these options.

Unique Smoking Devices

Bongs are becoming increasingly popular for the use of tobacco. A water bong is one such alternative. It eliminates some of the smoke and odor that is associated with smoking. There are unique styles and shapes available. It can become a decorative piece for any room. Electronic cigarettes are another option. This device allows the user to experience different flavors with their tobacco. Many people describe vaping as a soothing experience over the traditional cigarette.

Decorative Ashtrays and Holders

Allow your family member to express their personality. Ashtrays are available for any user. There are even pocket ashtrays so that they don’t have to worry about where to dispose of their burning embers. A cigarette or cigar holder may be the perfect gift. You can give them a vintage style case that is classy and sleek. That way they don’t have to haul around the cigarette packaging. Some cases even double as a wallet. Your family member doesn’t need to be without their nicotine fix.

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Vintage Pipes

For the sophisticated smoker, a vintage pipe may be the answer. A hand carved wooden pipe may be just the thing. They are available in different types of wood and colors. It can transport them back to the days when smoking was considered a thing of luxury. A pipe also has the ability to not leave their fingers stained. There is the added benefit of being able to smoke the pure tobacco without the chemicals. This may be a healthier alternative to consider. They are able to get the enjoyment of the tobacco without the guilt.

Ozone Room Deodorizers

The neighbors need not know that there is a smoker in the family. A room deodorizer eliminates the smell that is associated with smoking. Hospitals used these types of devices for years to eliminate those lingering odors. Hotels also used this type of device. This type of air purification destroys the molecules that cause the smell. The caution with this type of device is that it may require high doses to completely eliminate the odor. It may not be safe for you to use while you are in the room.

There a lots of options to consider when shopping for the tobacco lover. These are just a few that may be the perfect birthday gift for your family member.

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