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There are many people in this country who would love to have the privilege of being able to drive a car. There are numerous organizations that accept used cars to help these people out. According to , the Vehicle Donation Processing Center has a specialized program that allows you to donate cars, boats, trucks, and RVs that they will then distribute to charities in need. If you have used cars in Weslaco, TX you are trying to get rid of, this may be an option for you. Here are some tips to help you donate your car.

Find the Right Charity
There are many charities out there that accept almost anything and everything. Make sure you do your homework and find ones that are reputable. Many charities will even be able to come pick the car up for you.

One reputable charity that accepts car donations is Purple Heart. By donating a car to Purple Heart, you are not only showing support to a veteran, you are helping them stay independent. They have been accepting car, truck, and boat donations for over 75 years now. In this time span, they have collected over 500,000 vehicles. Once you fill out the paper work, they will contact you to schedule a time and day for pickup.

Know the Recipient’s Status
This does not mean the individual who will actually receive the car. This is the charity you choose to donate to. One reason you may consider donating used cars in Weslaco TX is to receive a tax write off. In order for this to happen, the charity has to be an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) organization. Most churches qualify, but double check just to make sure.

Be Organized
Keep a detailed paper trail of everything. If something is done verbally, send an email to the person after the call ends to confirm everything. This is also important if your donation exceeds certain values. For anything over $500, you will need to attach IRS Form 8283 to your tax return. For donations over $5,000, you will need an outside appraisal, proof of donation, and a copy of the title change.

If you follow these three tips, you will be able to make sure the charity you donate too gets the biggest benefit possible and you get the biggest deduction. Although getting money from the government shouldn’t be your main reason for donating a used car. You should want to be able to help others. Just like you take items to your local Good Will store when you don’t have a use for it anymore, donating your used car to a good charity will help others afford to live a better life.

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If you would like to donate your car and need more informaion, contact Jeana Olchowy. Follow her @jolchowy25.