Have an incredible experience in the diving paradise called Sipadan


What makes Sipadan so special?

This question is repeatedly asked by only those travellers, who have never visited Sipadan. People, who have travelled to this location, swear that it can be called the heaven on earth.

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Sipadan is not an ordinary piece of island. It is a coral formation above an extinct volcano. Being carefully protected by the authorities, this island has not witnessed any major human intervention. Consequently, when you visit this place, all you confront is nature in its full bloom. Breathe in the fresh air and feast your eyes on the vibrant colours of Mother Nature in Sipadan.
What you should not ever miss while you are in Sipadan
Once you have reached Sipadan, it is time to soak in the beauty of the ocean waters. Collect your diving equipment and get ready for an unforgettable time.
Sipadan offers a bagful of experience when you choose diving on this island. The crystal clear water of the Celebes Sea is the home to a variety of aqua life.
Starting from a wide variety of fish, there are turtles, barrel sponges, sharks, corals and barracudas. Not to mention, these inhabitants of the sea can be seen in unimaginable colours because of the marine blue effect. You too can witness these awe-inspiring underwater scenes by choosing diving in Sipadan.
Sipadan: the best diving destination
This location is credited for providing one of the clearest diving sessions. The water currents are usually stable, which allow the divers to watch the sea animals closely and click their picture.
The sea bed exudes a unique combination of colours as there are a huge assortment of marine plants and reefs. However, many times, while diving in Sipadan, divers witness darkness when barracudas, which are small fish, create a wide vortex, which wipes out the sun.
Sipadan has 12 attractive diving spots. Lobster Lair, West Ridge, White-Tip Avenue, Stag Horn Crest, Hanging Gardens, Coral Gardens, North Point and Turtle Patch are a few of them.
This destination is every diver’s favourite. Even the turtles are very calm and they do not mind being watched by the divers. The dive spots are very close by. Some of them can be reached effortlessly by a speedboat while others can be accessed by swimming from the pier of the dive centre.

Other attractive things to do in Sipadan
Apart from diving in Sipadan, you can try snorkelling. This sport is ideal for those travellers, who do not prefer to go deep down the sea. It allows you to become one with the marine life. You will swim past the turtles and swim along a host of fish. You will also witness marine activity like the colourful angel fish feeding or a sea cucumber taking a rest.
In case, you are looking for above-water adventure, then water skiing is a good option. You may also try kayaking. Kayaks with glass bottom are fantastic because they allow you to have a peek into the ocean world right from the top.

Quick tips for all travellers
– The weather in Sipadan is tropical. Hence, bring plenty of sunscreen lotion and a hat.
– English is widely spoken.
– Sipadan is an isolated place. Travellers are required to bring food along. As many resorts and diving companies offer travel packages with seafood snacks, make sure you choose one of them.
– Many diving companies conduct diving classes for aspiring divers. Even if you are proficient in diving, you can attend these classes and brush up your skills.

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