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Haze At ARIA Offers It All

Casinos come and go in Las Vegas, and nightclubs come and go even more quickly. Finding the best nightclubs to hit up when you are vacationing in Vegas isn’t always easy, because the place that you visited a couple of years ago might not even be there today. I’ve found that the city holds literally dozens of excellent clubs though, and even though they come and go, you can always find a great place to dance and have a couple of drinks. One of the top places to go right now is Haze located in the hip and popular ARIA, one of the newest and hottest casinos in the city.

What is it about Haze that makes it so great? Quite a few different things, actually. People who go to clubs are looking for several things. They want the right atmosphere, good energy, and great music. Haze hits all of those spots. The interior is plush and comfortable, and the lighting helps to evoke the energetic, youthful atmosphere that partiers love.

On Fridays, you will find that the club is really jumping because they bring in some of the most popular DJs on the planet. Mark Knight and Laidback Luke are just two of the stars that have spent time spinning at Haze. They’ve even had live shows there, which are enough to get the crowd really jumping. Some of the artists who’ve performed at Haze include Akon and Ludacris. It’s one of the few places in the city able to provide world class DJs right alongside live performances.

The music runs the gamut. You can hear Top 40 hits on some days, and other days they have house and hip-hop. All of the music is fun to dance to, so you should be able to have fun no matter which night you come.

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If you really want to get out, have fun, and mingle with some of the most attractive people partying in the city, then you have to make sure that you visit Haze at least once when you come to the city. It’s a highly popular club, so you can be sure that it’s always going to be full of others looking to have a great time.

The club stays open until 4AM, so you from Thursday to Saturday – the hottest clubbing nights in Vegas – so you can do like most do and party until the wee morning hours, and then grab some grub on the way back to your room to catch some sleep.

Carl Winslow is a freelance travel writer. This Las Vegas night clubs article is about Haze night club.

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