Health Guest Posting Site List

Health Guest Posting Site List

Guest posting sites have become more popular as the years go by. From directory submissions to article marketing, guest posting sites have become more favorable when it comes to rankings very well with google. As you may already know, in order to get these guest posting sites it takes time and effort so this is why i have come up with my own list to share with you all on health related guest posting sites. These sites are related to health so you will need to have a health related site in order to get massive effect in rankings for google.

Now like any other guest post, you must follow the guidelines of each site. This includes adding a signature and having a certian amount of words in the article. Once the article is published you can either build links to the page or move on to another site. The reason why i say “build backlinks” is because people usually don’t do this and it usually takes much longer for those pages to get indexed and ranked by google. If backlinks are built within that page you get more ranking changes and more traffic. The basics are to aim for higher pageranked sites and ones that are more known in terms for traffic. If worse comes to worse you can always build links to a certian page you posted on with social bookmarks or other guest posts.

Anyways, i hope that helps and here is the list! Enjoy!

Health Related Sites:

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Guidelines for Guest Posts

Write for Us | Hive Health Media

Guest Posts Guidelines

Submit Guest Post

Submit Guest Post

Submit A Guest Post

How to submit a guest post


Other blogs that accept guest posts as bonus!

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