Heating Solutions That Make You Sit Up And Take Notice!

Heating systems in the home no longer have to be boring.  There are lots of great new designs on the market when it comes to things like radiators.  This is good news, if like me, you are trying to design special interiors for your home that stand out for all the right reasons.

Something Special
I love home design and for me this is a very serious hobby. I have always been creative but was encouraged to set aside my love for art to concentrate on a more stable career.  I qualified in business management and settled in a well-paid, reliable civil servant position.  However I still continued to follow creative pursuits. When I bought my first home I thoroughly enjoyed choosing the design, decoration and furniture myself.  Although my first attempts were quite modest this was to become a life-long passion.

I frequently pour over home design and DIY magazines and have created a few scrap books with my favourite inspirations in them.  I have become much bolder in my designs in recent years and this seems to suit the busy, hectic lifestyle of my family.

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Heating Design
One problem that has always irritated me over the years is radiators.  I really hate those boring white conventional radiators that seem to be a standard in all homes now.  I did once look into reclaimed antique cast iron radiators but these were just too expensive for my budget.

  • However the Internet has opened up a whole new world for those like me looking for exciting new home design products.  I have found some fantastic suppliers online that offer something a little different when it comes to radiator design.
  • I didn’t realise until I looked online that you can now buy brand new cast iron radiators. Several leading manufacturers in the UK have started making these beautifully engineered radiators again.
  • This means you can buy brand new cast iron radiators that come with full warrantees for much less money than some of the antique, reclaimed ones are going for.
  • The radiators that really caught my eye though were ones painted in bold, bright colours.
  • I found a supplier that could offer radiators in a great range of colours. This has really opened up my choices when it comes to fitting home heating systems into my interior design.
  • I chose some bright red radiators for the ground level of my home and they fit wonderfully into the modern, bright design scheme.
  • They stand out for all the right reasons and most visitors to my home are surprised and impressed by them.

Attractive heating solutions can be hard to find for homeowners that love individual interior design.  However I found some fantastic coloured radiators online at www.aelheating.com  that have transformed my home design and made a powerful visual impact.

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