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There is something that few people realise about job satisfaction and that is it take hard work to accomplish; while some believe taking the smart shortcuts will get leave you less stressed and therefore more satisfied. This is a fallacy however because the more difficult something is to achieve, the more job satisfaction naturally occurs; theories on this have been published since ancient Greek philosophers yet we’re all look for the easy out. So in order to help garner better job satisfaction in the UK, we’re going to share a few secrets on how to be that indispensible force everyone wants on their side all in the name of motivation and job performance enhancement.

Complain Little

Someone you feel confident to rely on is not the kind of person who is going to complain about the first obstacle in their path. Asking something important of the employee who just threw a fit at a paper jam isn’t exactly a smart move and managers don’t become managers without being smart. While it may sound mild and passive, but being agreeable is your first step to being the indispensible; one prestigious survey on job satisfaction noted that training a good attitude is also a great way to get over depression in the workplace because a little perspective and context on issues that would usually send us into a spin now do little to phase us. If you’re more approachable with a genuine love of helping others out, you’ll be that guy everyone relies on in no time at all.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Frustration can get the better of us all in the workplace, but job satisfaction and performance is also linked to how well we can take failure. It may seem ironic, but someone who knows how to fail gracefully is also someone people tend to find indispensible and place confidence in; no one hopes for the worst however when you can keep calm and dust yourself off, you’re nurturing the confidence of others. Through thick or thin you need to be just as comfortable with success as you are with failure and you’ll be that indispensible rock that others will rely on; this will lead to the very definition of job satisfaction.

Above and Beyond the Call

The final defining characteristic you’ll want to garner that of the man who goes above and beyond the call of duty; if you’re the surprise of the day, turning in results that are better than expected, you’ll find yourself not only fully satisfied with yourself, but others will want to give you more responsibility knowing that you’re a sure bet for great results. Never turn down a job you may think yourself too good for because when the times get tough you will not be approachable; find the job satisfaction in the little tasks in order to make the bigger picture one worth looking at. All in all, being the indispensible rock will not only open up doors for your career but it will guarantee a level of job satisfaction few find sticking to the status quo.

Eugene Calvini is a career coach with many years at a Brisbane serviced office; he enjoys sharing his advice and guidance with the internet.