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Sending a gift usually makes both the sender and recipient happy. Besides the chosen gift, the way it is wrapped also adds to its appeal. Effective wrapping will make a simple gift become more special while poor wrapping will do an injustice even to the best gift possible. Here are fresh gift wrapping ideas that provide a special touch that store-bought curling ribbon and wrapping paper cannot match.

Two in One
A gift wrap does not necessarily have to be something the recipient throws away after opening the gift. Your gift wrapping will have more meaning if it doubles up as an item your loved one may use. For example, you may roll a bottle of wine in a dish towel or cloth napkin if the gift is meant for a picnic.

Spread the towel and lay the bottle across its width, leaving about two inches for folding at the bottom of the bottle. Fold the bottom of the towel and roll the bottle into it. Tie the top with a beautiful ribbon.

You may also use gift bags that match the occasion. For example, you may use a reusable holiday tin or mixing bowl if you are giving food products. If your gift is meant for knitters, you can use a small tote gift bag in which they can keep the things they are currently knitting.

A bonus to this method is that you will cut down on waste products.


Instead of using store-bought gift wrapping paper, which has a relatively short lifespan, you can use a gift bag made of kraft paper. You can sew some patches of fabric onto the bag to add a personal touch.

You may also buy a re-usable gift bag at a store and then sew a special fold around its top. Make the draw strings using ribbons.

Collage Art

Brown wrapping will give your gift a classic rustic appearance. You can make a collage from cut-out phrases and pictures from magazines or newspapers. Consider your recipient’s taste when you select your theme. You may also add some humor. Use a strip of fabric to tie the gift in way that portrays your own style. Select stunning color contrasts to make your message stand out.

Consider the Gift Tag

Gift tags will help you avoid sending gifts to unintended recipients. However, you do not have to use dull gift tags that are thrown away after receiving the gifts. If the recipient has a sweet tooth, you may adorn cookies with colorful sprinkles and tasty icing.

Your loved ones will see the gift wraps before they have the opportunity to set their eyes on the gifts. These gift wrapping ideas will ensure the eyes of your loved ones light up as soon as they see their gifts. Remember these are just ideas: Give them a personal touch that fits the occasion.