Hobbies that can Earn You Money

Many entrepreneurial businesses began as hobbies. Think outside of the box and devise a means of creating an income revolving around a favorite pastime. Combining a talent with a particular need often provides the opportunity for making money. With the assistance of personal computers, printers and digital media, acquiring knowledge and customers becomes simplified.


Crafts not requiring an extensive amount of time for completion, are relatively inexpensive to make, or have unique features might easily provide extra income. Jewelry making, picture framing, stained glass and woodworking creations are just some of the many lucrative crafts that evolve into successful businesses. Crafters often sell homemade creations in their communities, at craft fairs, through advertisements, or on public and private websites. Create business cards, design newsletters or pamphlets with examples of the work goes a long way in promoting the business.

Horse Racing

The love of horses or the enticement of possible winnings influences many to venture to the nearest racetrack and learn the aspects of placing a successful bet. Minus beginner’s luck, this hobby generally requires extensive analysis of horses and jockeys. Betters take the time to learn everything about particular horses including workout performance, prior races and time span between races. Hobbyists also take into consideration the type of track and possible race handicaps before wagering money. Racing enthusiasts now have special software at their disposal that makes information gathering much easier.

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Whether it be a single closet or an entire house, many individuals gladly hire people with organizing talents. Start by offering services to friends and acquaintances for a small fee. Build clientele by having friends spread the word, thus saving the expense of advertising. Pass out business cards, place them on local communication boards, or talk to real estate agents. Packing, unpacking and organizing is part of the stress associated with moving. Homeowners may be more than willing to hire the services of someone capable of minimizing the effort required for the task.


There are any number of pet lovers who turn skills into lucrative incomes. Dog walking provides a pleasant diversion and much needed exercise for animals whose owners spend extensive time at work. As dog owners often consider the animal a treasured member of the family, many prefer doggie day care centers over leaving the animal unattended and alone at home. Individuals having experience with a particular breed or species of animal might consider beginning a breeding business.


More and more people who enjoy expressing themselves through the written word establish personal blogs. Many sites offer free space for those interested in building pages filled with any number of topics. Writers gain financial rewards by growing an audience, selling advertising space or selling products related to specific topics. Creative writers may develop instructional ebooks, offer advice, or just share interesting personal experiences. The hobby might eventually bloom financially into a professional career if individuals choose to author a novel or gain employment writing on topics in which they have specific knowledge or expertise.

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