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Home Hazards! Upgrades You'll Want To Do To Provide Peace Of MindEvery home contains a number of different hazards that could cause injuries. Part of avoiding injuries in the house involves responsible behavior and careful supervision of children. Another part is making upgrades to the home take make the environment safer. Homeowners will want to consider several upgrades that will provide peace of mind when it comes to the hazards around the house.

Home Security System

A home security system is a network of sensors that could include cameras, carbon monoxide detectors and even motion sensors. The system provides a family with peace of mind because it will immediately sound an alert if a person attempts to break into the house. It can also monitor for fire. Many systems can be controlled wirelessly as well so that families can relax while on vacation.

Protective Fencing

Drowning is a home hazard especially for families with children. Pools, ponds or other water features in the yard present a drowning risk even if there is only one or two inches of water in the bottom. An upgrade that can prevent drowning in a pool or water feature is a fence. Protective barriers are generally low fences that attach to a locking gate or an arbor. This makes it difficult or impossible for children to get near the water.

Upgrade the Electrical System

Most homes now contain a number of electrical appliances and devices that were not available just a short time ago. An old or insufficient electrical system could start a fire or electrocute a member of the family. It is best to call a professional and licensed Jacksonville electrician to assess the system in the home. A number of problems could require immediate repairs such as incomplete grounding or an outdated panel. It might even be necessary to replace older wires in the home that are fraying and generating heat. This will make the entire house safer.

Escape Ropes or Ladders

Homes with more than one floor are safer if escape ropes or ladders are placed in bedrooms on the upper levels. These items are stored in boxes near the window. Some require mounting one or more hooks into the structure if the house. If a fire or other event occurs that prevents a person from leaving the bedroom, then that person can simply climb down the rope or ladder to exit the house.

Non-Slip Mats and Carpets

Slips and falls are a major hazard in any home. Homeowners should place down non-slip mats or carpets in high traffic areas that could become slippery. This includes in front of all doors leading outside and in the kitchen. This will reduce the chance of someone slipping and breaking an arm or leg.