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If you’re looking to improve the security in and around your home, there are many things you can do if you have a restricted financial outlay. Burglar alarms and systems can be as expensive and sophisticated as you want them to be, but some of the very basic security techniques could literally cost you nothing at all.

Be Vigilant
It may sound obvious but when you leave your property, even if it’s just for a short space of time, remember to close and lock all doors and windows.

The opportunist thief is waiting to prey on the minority of householders who neglect to close a rear door or window simply because they’ve forgotten or because they are only out of the home for a few minutes. Remember to establish a routine of closing and locking and this will become second nature every time you leave the house.

Keeping your keys safe
Many thefts are caused by careless householders who leave their keys within easy reach of the front door for thieves to access via the letterbox. The practice is known as ‘fishing’ because the criminal literally ‘fishes’ those keys out with the aid of a rod or even something as unsophisticated as a straightened coat hanger.

They may not enter your home, although this can sometimes happen at night, but you may well find that your garden and shed contents and most probably your car will be missing in the morning.

Staying Tidy
Anything that makes your home stand out could be an attraction to the would-be thief and this includes an unkempt property exterior and an untidy garden. Such issues suggest to the criminal that the homeowner is equally careless when it comes to home security, so look to make sure that any problems are addressed.

Putting gravel down on your driveway is also proven to deter thieves because of the noise that they make while walking across it. Obviously, this is one area where you will have some financial outlay, but the cheapest forms of shingle are within most budgets and are a cost-effective way of boosting the security around your home.

Other cheap alternatives
You could also look to purchase a dummy burglar alarm box, which is very cheap to buy and can be easily mounted outside your home. Some will even be supplied with flashing LED lights to give the impression that they are activated.

Some people will claim that the professional thief can easily spot this type of box; however, many have very sophisticated designs and can certainly help to deter the opportunist criminal at the very least.

Daley is a homeowner with an interest in security. With roller shutters from SGG, homeowners can be up to speed with their home security.