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Honoring Your Loved One With An Online Memorial

When you lose someone you love, a part of you wants to hold onto them forever. Everyone wants to honor the memory of a loved one, and there are plenty of ways to do so. Scrapbooks, pictures, and other memorabilia are commonly used to honor the passing of a loved one. With new advances in technology, sharing the memories of a loved one who has passed with the world is easier than ever. Creating a memorial website is not only convenient and simple, but will give your loved one a permanent memorial that anyone and everyone can access from anywhere at any time.

Online Memorial Service Hosts

Being internet savvy is not necessary to create a beautiful online memorial for your loved one. There are plenty of services that will help you create a wonderful site to honor someone you have lost. These services usually charge an annual fee to keep the memorial site up and running. For more information on companies that host memorial websites, ask your funeral director or search the web.

To begin creating a timeless online memorial site for your loved one, gather pictures, documents, or anything else you would like to share. Use a scanner to scan pictures and documents onto your computer to upload onto the site.

If you don’t have a scanner at home, or need a little help, there are businesses out there that can assist you with scanning documents and digitizing them onto a disk. Once they are on the disk, it is easy to follow the site’s uploading instructions to decorate your memorial with your chosen mementos.

Another benefit of the online memorials website is the ability for friends and family to add comments, or even upload photos. After you finish uploading your images and documents, and have added memorial text, you can share the site with friends and family. The comments will be preserved on the internet for all of your friends and family to remember.

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A memorial website creates a wonderful, lasting tribute to your loved one that is accessible to anyone in the world.

Alternative Options for Online Memorials

If you are computer savvy, and have web design skills, creating a website dedicated to your loved one should be an easy task. Simply find a host and create a domain name, and add all the mementos listed above to your customized memorial.

If your pockets have been overwhelmed by the loss, do not fear: there are plenty of free alternatives available to you. Consider using social networking sites to create a memorial for your loved one, such as Facebook, which is free to the public. You can add content, photos, and memorabilia, and family members can link up with the page using their account. Another option is to create online photo albums through a host like Shutterfly. You can use an online photo album host to create a beautiful memorial for your loved one that you can share with loved ones across the globe.

Creating an online memorial, whether it is a website or a social network, gives your grieving family and friends a healing and easily accessible memorial. No matter where they are in life and no matter where it brings them, honoring their loved one is always going to be a few clicks away.

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