Hosting A Baby Shower? 3 Gifts For The Mommy-To-Be

Hosting A Baby Shower? 3 Gifts For The Mommy-To-Be

There isn’t a set rule that you have to give a spectacular baby shower gift to the new mommy as the hostess of her baby shower. The shower itself is often seen as the gift. However, if you want to get her something that she can use for herself or the new baby, there are several ideas that you could consider. Instead of the traditional gift of baby wipes, diapers, baby bottles or a diaper bag, you should think outside of the box a bit to offer something that she might not think to get for herself.

Hosting A Baby Shower? 3 Gifts For The Mommy-To-Be

Basket Of Books

The new mother might not know everything about childbirth, the latter stages of pregnancy or what to expect when the baby is born. A basket with a variety of books that the mother can read is an idea that she can also use if she has other babies in the future. Try to get a few books that also offer details about the toddler years or how to raise older children and teenagers. Include a few books that she can read to the baby as well, such as nursery rhymes. Add a few stuffed animals or other items inside the basket that the mother can use for the baby.


If you know that the mother will breastfeed, then consider getting a few trendy shirts or dresses, like those offered by Sonnet James, that she can wear out of the house or that are comfortable to wear inside the home. Try to find colors that will flatter the mother’s appearance, such as black or navy blue, and that are easily accessible while breastfeeding. Other clothing options to consider would be items that she could take to the hospital, such as a new robe or slippers to keep her feet warm. You can also get a blanket or a new outfit for the baby to wear. If you’re leaning toward a stylish outfit, just be sure that it’s still practical for a mom or newborn.

Spa Supplies

The new mother will likely want some time to herself before the baby arrives. A fun gift that you can give as a hostess is a basket with spa items inside of a diaper bag that is filled with relaxing items for the mom. She can then use the bag for the baby. Supplies to include range from a face mask to a hand-held massager for the neck, feet or back.

As the hostess of a baby shower, you’re usually responsible for decorating, inviting the guests and getting the food in order. While a gift typically isn’t required, you can give something that the mother would find useful. Ideas like books or something that the mother isn’t thinking about are likely to be just as appreciated as diapers and bottles.

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