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Hosting a party can be very demanding and stressful. It’s easy to get incredibly flustered when you have so much preparation, but with a little time to allow yourself to organized your thoughts, you can throw the best party in the area.

Here’s some tips on how to throw a football party without getting too overwhelmed:

Pick a Big Game

Don’t host a party for a smaller game. It’s likely to get boring, and you will have to focus on entertaining your guests more often than they are watching the game. Pick a game that has two big rivalries. It helps when your guests are fans of one of the teams. Let your guests tease each other on their favorite teams. It’s all out of good fun.

Make Innocent Bets

Instead of gambling, make innocent bets that don’t involve money. You will likely get your entire group involved. Make bets on who’s going to score next, or who’s going to make the next tackle. Some bets can involve doing a karaoke solo of the winning better’s choice. The solo will obviously take place during one of the commercial breaks so the game isn’t interrupted. Other bets can include who will be the next person to grab more drinks, or who will be in charge of washing the dishes. Little bets are good because your guests that don’t know football too well can get involved without having to worry about losing money.

Buy Food Without Breaking Your Budget

Ask everyone to bring a special food dish or drinks for the party. It will save you a ton of money, especially if it’s a bigger party. Don’t splurge on your party because it’s likely you are going to have a ton of leftovers. Buy your chips, salsa, and other basic food items from a discount store like Aldi. Your guests probably won’t notice your chips aren’t name-brand, especially if you serve them in a bowl.

Make Sure You Have Enough Room

If your space isn’t set up for a party, you should arrange your living room so that everyone can see the television screen. Bring in more chairs in case there are extra guests coming. You want your guests to be comfortable during your party, and they probably won’t want to stand the entire time.

Is Your TV Big Enough?

If your television isn’t big enough, you should consider renting a television for a night so everyone can see the screen. There’s nothing more annoying than having to hover around a tiny television. If you can’t afford to rent a bigger television, ask a friend if you can borrow their tv.

Ann Michaels is a freelance writer that loves to show her spirit for any occasion. She enjoys planning unique parties and decorating for the holidays. No matter the season, Ann is always prepared for constructing anything from outdoor nativity sets to balloon arches.