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There are many programmes on a desktop computer and a laptop that can be used for designing business cards. As they can be made whenever someone wants to, a business card can be created which is exactly what they are looking for. To make the right first impression on potential clients in Northern Ireland, it is highly recommended that a print company is chosen instead. So, why is picking a printer Belfastin a company’s best interests?

printer Belfast
printer Belfast

A Variety of Designs

The computer programme which someone can use at home to create a business card might not have a considerable number of designs. However, a print company can have plenty of designs for their customers to choose from.


The printers which are used by a print company can create a pin sharp image. When a domestic printer causes smudges but they aren’t noticed and business cards are handed out, the person who it is given to might instantly get rid of it. A print company thoroughly checks the quality of the business cards which they have printed long before they are given to their clients. Consequently, if there are any design faults, they are noticed by an expert eye.

Artwork Checker

Many print companies offer an artwork checker service for a small fee. Others might provide this service free of charge. If an organisation wants to use their own artwork, a print company can say whether it should be used or not. When a print company believes that artwork should be changed, they can make suitable suggestions in order to improve it.


A print company can create as many business cards as required. Although there might be a minimum number of cards which have to be in an order, hundreds or thousands can be purchased at the same time. For a large business that has a huge workforce, this is very beneficial because scores of cards can be given to employees that represent them at conferences and trade fairs. If a company doesn’t have a huge pile of business cards at a conference they’re attending, the people who they meet might choose someone else because they gave them a card.

More Cost Effective

When hundreds of business cards are printed by a company, this can cost a lot of money, in particular if their cards are multi-coloured. As the cost of printer ink continues to increase, an organisation can save a lot of money by choosing a print company. This is because the amount of money which they charge for printing scores of business cards can be minimal when compared to if a company did this themselves.

Reasonable Prices

If a company is concerned at how much they would have to pay for their business cards, they can find out exactly how much it costs long before an order is placed. As a free quote can be provided, a company can budget accordingly and they won’t be surprised with how much they’ll have to pay for printing multiple business cards.

Fast Delivery

A print company can deliver an order very quickly. In fact, a Next Day delivery service might be available when orders are placed before a particular time. So, if multiple business cards are required for a conference which is taking place in the next seventy two hours, a company can have as many of them as they want within a very short space of time.

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