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Have you ever wondered how you could get more clients to your business? Of course you have! It doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational company, a small business or a sole trader, you thrive on building your business and making more money. Did you know that coupon codes and promotional offers could help you do just that?

Many businesses fail to realise the benefits of offering discount codes and promotional offers. They just see them as a way for people to save money on products. The truth is people spend more money when they see them!

How Coupon Codes Attract More Customers To Your Business

New Customer Offers to Draw in New Buyers

Promotional offers specifically for new customers are great, especially for those with an online business. While you’re not guaranteed to get hundreds, just a few that take advantage of the offers is great for your pocket—it’s more than you would have made without the promotional offer.

In fact, you’ll find that these new customers will spend more just to take advantage of the offer that you make. If you set a minimum payment to use a voucher, they will often exceed that amount, so you gain extra money.

Some of these people may come for the first time and then disappear but you can encourage them to become long term and loyal customers. The trick is to offer high quality and valuable products/services and the best customer service. People will stay without the need for extra voucher codes.

Focus on the Seasonal Customers

One trick of attracting more customers is to focus on seasonal promotions. This could be a free gift with every purchase over a certain amount of money, money off vouchers or even buy one get one free offers. There are multiple options available and you could try out different ones throughout the seasons.

Around Halloween, Christmas and Easter, people start looking for gifts for friends and family members. They’ll look for decorations for parties and items for themselves. They want to save money, though, at the same time and your voucher codes will draw them to you.

Make Your Voucher Codes Searchable

Make sure your codes are easy for people to find. You can get them up on so people find them quickly and easily. If they’re only available through email campaigns or on your own website, you run the risk of your target audience missing out. At least on voucher websites like Don’t Pay Full, you will get in their search results more so they click.

Vouchers, discounts and promotional offers are great for attracting more customers. People love to believe that they are getting a deal, but it doesn’t mean you are going to lose out. Just think: just one new customer that becomes a regular is going to make up for the small amount of give off in a voucher for them joining.

Author bio: This guest post was written by Alice Aires, a business marketing expert. She helps businesses all over the world improve their customer base by marketing to their target audience.