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When you are running a business, money is everything. It might sound blunt, but the focus of your business endeavors must always be generating money – either directly or indirectly – to make your business worthwhile. Assuming this to be the starting point, businesses do a number of things by tradition that are designed to help achieve this end. While some practices are naturally more direct earners than others, it takes the full package to build a rounded, stable business that can succeed for years into the future.

Custom stationery is one of the first stops for most businesses. Conventional wisdom holds that businesses should print business cards, letterheads, and a host of other customized documentation, all bearing their logo and contact details. Beyond that, some businesses go further to invest in printed pens, mugs, labels, flags and a full host of different items. For the small business just starting out, these are a definite expense that must be kept under control. But to what extent is this worthwhile expenditure, and an investment in your future business?


Custom promotional stationery, like Halo offers, is designed to tie in with your business objectives, and works to make you more money over time. A business without this kind of stationery is creating a significant disadvantage for itself. Consider the scenario: as a buyer, you are considering proposals from two different marketing agencies. The first is presented on high quality, custom stationery, which bears a flashy graphic and messaging from the agency concerned. The next proposal is printed on plain white copier paper, with no markings other than the signature. Which of the two would you choose?

This example can be carried a stage further. Where two proposals are sitting side by side, both with their own custom graphics, buyers might be instinctively more drawn to the visual impact of one over the other. In this sense, custom stationery is a good way to show off your brand in the best possible light, which should help generate demand in the sales process.



In terms of a more direct impact, effective stationery is a communication tool for your brand. Think of it like a perpetual advertisement for your business. Every time you write a letter, mail out a receipt, hand over a business card – every time your custom stationery is used, you are advertising your business. And this exposure can be highly targeted too. If you are writing to a purchasing manager, they are more likely to be in a position to use your services than the average person coming across your message.

Running a business can be difficult, and you need to find as many ways as possible to bring clients on to your books. This often requires a patient, multi-pronged attack. As part of your wider marketing efforts, custom stationery positions your business in the best possible light, and helps you promote the right look and feel for your business. For the business owner, investing in customized stationery is almost always worthwhile.