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As we get older, we tend to take more pleasure in the smaller things to give us happiness, a blooming flower, the spring season, the smile of a child or just the plain old warmth of your bed. We actively look to avoid stress and negative feeling so it wont surprise you to know that even a nice bath can help you relieve feelings of stress instantly. This is now a lot more developed with the us of a hydrotherapy bath as it is an effective way to have a that luxurious, pampered feeling and relax your body just through some natural water therapy.

How Does It Work
So how do hydrotherapy baths work? It’s a really simple but magical product to have at home, Hydrotherapy baths are essentially bath tubs or sometimes shower enclosures with some amazing features. These baths come equipped with accessories and systems that are designed solely for your enjoyment through a nice soothing experience. They are capable of massaging your body at the right pressure points and leaving you with a feeling of rejuvenation. You can choose to have hot or cold water depending on your preferences, although hot water is the best option for massages as it increases the core temperature of your body, this helps in a natural detoxification process and it also helps in blood circulation and clearing lymph nodes to improve the immunity system.

Cold Water treatments
For cold water baths you can fill the bathtub with cold water, roughly 10 inches and then lie down while splashing the water on your chest, for an ideal cold bath the temperature of water should not be above 16 degrees Celsius. Splash this cold water for about 30 seconds and then carefully get up and warm up your body by moving your limbs, taking care not to slip. The entire routine takes about a minute or so, and you may repeat if you feel like it. Although quite rejuvenating, cold baths are not supposed to be taken by heart patients, people with a lot of stress, weaknesses and anemia.

Hot Water treatments
Hydrotherapy baths are also equipped with hot water and it works best for patients who are looking to just completely relax. In a hot water bath the temperature of the water is such that it stimulates the arteries by expanding them, this reduces the blood flow but at the same time more blood is pushed through by the heart and the skin pores also open up. When taking a hot water bath, make sure you add some herbal additives to the bath because it is during this time that your skin will be able to absorb the nutrition more directly.

Apart from the hot and cold bath provision a hydrotherapy bath has massage jets to help stimulate the pressure point on your body. Steam and sauna options are also available and can be added to the unit and of course with such an amazing product, you also have other choices regarding sizes, colors and shapes to help you select the perfect hydrotherapy bath for the ultimate bathing experience.

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