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Challenging Outlook

If you are operating in a niche market sector, then there is a whole different challenge associated with building and maintaining relationships with your customers. If you are operating in a market where you are selling a product that people only need at a specific time of the year, then maintaining profitable operations all year round can be extremely challenging.

It is unlikely that you are going to be able to get people to buy Christmas products, for example, the whole year round when they are ultimately only relevant over such a small period of time. While it may seem like niche businesses are on a hiding to nothing, there is much that can be done in order to build relationships and maintain contact with existing and potential new customers throughout the year.

Sort Out SEO

If you are a fireworks business, for example, it should be a given that you will thrive at the times of the year when there is high demand for fireworks. The challenge that you face is not necessarily cashing in when the going is good, but how to maintain your turnover when demand is low.

By sorting out your on-site SEO, and putting resource into areas such as link building, for example, you will keeping your brand firmly in the sites of those search algorithms, so even if a keyword only conjures up 100 searches per month, 90% or more of those are likely to end up coming to your site.

Email Marketing

If you are a niche business without an email marketing plan, then you need to build one now! The key to your success may well be your ability to keep your brand in your customers’ thinking throughout the year. Even if you email them once a week with an update on plans for the upcoming “season,” or any offers you currently are running, both can make a huge impact.

This can also help to give you a revenue boost by offering incentives to customers who buy early or refer friends to your brand.

Getting Social

If you want to keep relationships with your customers, then talk to them! Get your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and visual sites such as Instagram, and get interacting with your customer base throughout the year. That way, when the time comes around for your product to become popular once again, you have already developed a strong starting point for delivering success, rather than beginning from a standing start.

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