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Tips_on_Playing_Fantasy_FootballDaily fantasy sports are a new niche of the ever growing fantasy sports industry. In fact, the current valuation of the industry is estimated to range between $3 billion and $4 billion. Participating in these sports is very easy as all you need is to have access to any of the available fantasy sports sites. Just like the traditional fantasy sports, players come up with a team of real world athletes who then earn fantasy score points. The points are usually awarded following a set of scoring rules.

However, instead of getting stuck with the same team through the whole season, daily fantasy sports contests usually last only for a day or a weekend in the case of NASCAR or NFL. Daily sports sites in most cases don’t compete for the same players unlike the situation with other traditional fantasy sports games. However, these sites tend to market themselves as complementing platforms for traditional fantasy sports.

How to Play

Daily fantasy sports can be played by first signing with the daily fantasy sports sites. Once you have signed up with the sites, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of daily fantasy football structure. These benefits include either draft or salary cap leagues daily, setting your own schedule without a season long commitment and making money by often exploiting your edge against weaker opponents. Mind you each of the daily fantasy sports sites has a variety of draft to suit the interests of any fantasy sports fan.

Fantasy sport is a game of skill so you have to come up with strategies in order to emerge as the winner. It is important that every game is usually affected by many variables and here are some of the best strategies that you could use.

1. Research on Injuries and Transactions

Injuries and transactions will have a huge impact on your daily fantasy sports strategy. Injuries and transactions create situations where a cheaper player in terms of costs steps into the starter’s minutes for a limited time period leading to the creation of a lot of value for the player. Generally, what you need to do is to keep an eye out for the latest value to be had from transactions and injuries

2. Do Research on the Sites and Your Opponents

Some sites independently set salary costs for individual players plus the total team salary cap. Also, the site can choose its own rules and rosters which sometimes may lead to different positions and rosters so you need to be on the lookout. Also, research on your opponents with whom you are competing with in the same league as this will have a huge impact on your strategy.

The bottom line is that adequate research is the key to success in daily fantasy sports. In addition to research, you also need to be aware of the prize pool value as this will be vital in case you want to be a long term winning player. Avoiding Rake and finding Overlays are key components to any player’s daily fantasy sports financial success.

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Jason Ihaji writes articles on a variety of topics.