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How Have Weddings Changed Over Time?

It seems like everyone is deviating from the traditional wedding template these days. Even Prince William was at it last April when he married Kate Middleton, by choosing an unroyal lady as his bride. Rule-breaking is about the only thing weddings have in common this year, according to top wedding planner, Mark Niemierko, so let’s have a look at how marriages have changed.

The Dress
Contrary to what you might think, white has not always been the traditional colour for wedding dresses. It was actually Queen Victoria who started the trend in 1840 when she married her cousin, Albert of Saxe. White was thought to be the best colour to choose as it represented the purity and innocence of Victorian ladies.

Although the big, white wedding is still a dream for many women across the country, weddings come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and outfits. From Alice in Wonderland dresses to no dress at all, many people are choosing to shy away from tradition to pursue their own fantasy wedding.

The Venue
As marriage was originally a religious institution, the service was generally conducted in a church. In 2012, people are stepping away from the altar for more secular wedding venues and civil ceremonies. Whether it’s a fairy tale woodland retreat or a beach marriage in bikinis, couples are saying ‘I do’ in all sorts of exotic and wonderful places across the world.

The Food
You might be a bit confused by the term ‘wedding breakfast,’ as this meal provided to the guests and bridal party after the marriage is rarely an eggs and bacon affair. Thirty years ago, you could expect prawn cocktails and black forest gateau. Now, the wedding meal can be anything from traditional fine dining to fish and chips. Even the wedding cake has been reinvented, with cupcake tiers becoming an unusual and fun alternative.

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The Honeymoon
A few decades ago, honeymoons abroad were shirked for time away on the coasts of Britain. Now it seems strange if a couple doesn’t leave the country, and they’re spending more time away together than ever before. Even stag and hen parties have extended from one day to entire weekends.

The Preparation
In years gone by, if you were lucky, a good make-up artist and hair stylist would have been on hand to beautify you before the big day. 2012 has seen a surge in brides-to-be reaching for the scalpel to look their best for their wedding. Breast augmentations, face lifts, and lip surgery are all increasing in popularity.

The Guests
Especially now that couples are going abroad for weddings, it’s become difficult for all guests to turn up. More than half of us have missed marriages that we wish we could have attended. In this digital age, important guests are now tuning in via webcam to watch the marriage unfold. Known as ‘wedcasts’, this allows more people to witness the big day instead of settling for just photos.

This guest article was submitted on behalf of University of Liverpool hospitality and written by Francesca, a British blogger with an interest in fashion, beauty and style.

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