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Many of us don’t really enjoy cleaning and it can take ages especially when items go missing. So here’s how having spare parts for everyday machines can make your life easier. 

We’ve all been there; ready to vacuum the stairs and the crevice tool has gone missing – nightmare! The line of left over dust, hair and whatever else will be staring at you for days. Whilst this tool is missing you’ve decided to turn on the TV to make cleaning more enjoyable and now the remote has disappeared – it is a very irritating scenario, so that is why you should always invest in a few spare parts or helpful accessories. 

Vacuum Cleaner Problems 

More often than not it’s the accessories of the vacuum cleaner that disappear – most accessories go missing when children are around; apparently the crevice tool makes an excellent telescope when playing pirates. Sometimes we are just not very organised and just throw items in the cupboard after use with the relief of finishing housework. This is why it is such a good idea to have a set of spare parts for a vacuum cleaner to use when this situation inevitably happens. It is also handy when you find the bag is full or something is broken then you are able to fix the problem in no time at all. So what spare parts are you the most likely to need to keep your Hoover going? 

How Having Spare Parts Can Make Life Easier

        Floor tool 

        Crevice tool 

        Dusting brush 

        Replaceable bag 

        Motor filter 

It is always a great idea to have a few hoover spare parts, so you can quickly replace it and not disrupt your day.

Loose Cooker Knobs

If you have a cooker with plastic knobs you’ll know that these can be rather flimsy. Luckily though manufacturers of most models and brands of well-known cookers make spare parts available for purchase. The best advice that can be given to you is; make sure you have a few spare knobs available before one falls off. It can be unsafe to have a loose knob on your stove as you will not know what temperature the oven is actually at and you will not know if it is turned off completely. If you have spare parts ready for when things do go wrong then you don’t have to waste time ordering new parts and waiting for them to arrive – it makes life certainly easier. 

Ensure that you do purchase extra hoover spare parts or you can find yourself unable to vacuum your carpets properly and this can lead to; unsightly rooms, unpleasant smells or just an irritating amount of dust. The best way to avoid mishaps with your machines for cleaning and cooking is to think ahead and then you can quickly swap the old (or missing) part for a new fully functional part. It will make cleaning a lot faster, then you will be able to get back to the more enjoyable things in life! 


Henry writes regularly on cleaning products and machines for a range of shopping websites and blogs. He has been writing for over 15years. Henry loves vacuuming, but isn’t very organised so is dedicated to finding hoover spare parts for well he misplaces his tools.