How Hiring An Event Planner Makes Things Easier

When most of us think about event planners, we assume they are hired by either large corporations or by individuals with money. In making this assumption, we are also concluding that an event planner’s fees will be incredibly high. In response to this, we convince ourselves that if planning an event, we can handle it without professional assistance. Although this may be true, it is important to remember that even if planned for properly, everything might not go according to planned.

Now if you’re planning a family reunion, poker night with the guys, a shopping day with the girls or something like that, an event planner definitely won’t be needed. However, if something big is brewing like your wedding, your child’s 16thbirthday or other events of similar magnitude, it is imperative that everything goes perfect!

I attended an early morning wedding once where the Church and venue for the celebration was far away from each other. Yes, the Church was nice and the venue was awesome, but the distance between the two was a real head scratcher! To make things worse, heavy traffic delayed most of the guests from arriving on time at the venue. Then when everyone finally arrived, the caterer still had not shown up yet! At that point, you could literally hear the guests complaining about all sorts of things. This is something you definitely want to avoid and I guarantee that the couple whose wedding I attended, did not seek professional assistance with planning their day. Although the bride and groom are the focus of a wedding, the couple should still want to please their guests. The truth of the matter is that guests spend quite a bit of time and money to attend wedding so they should at least, enjoy their day to the fullest. Remember, everyone will remember an event that went terribly wrong so trust me, you do not want to be on the wrong end of that stick. And that is why you should hire an event planner for that memorable day of yours.

It’s no secret event planners are terrific help in making things flow in the right direction. What surprises me is people often assume the event planners job is simple and therefore, find their fee unacceptable. Before you jump to that conclusion, allow me to tell you a few of the advantages of hiring an event coordinator.

Access to Reliable Vendors

First of all, event planners are equipped with a huge database of companies that can provide the services you will need. From caterers, balloons and interior decoration to, entertainment acts. If you name it, they will have it.

Budgeting Services

With most event planners, all you have to do is give them your budget and list out each of your needs. They will take things from there so that you do not have to worry about much.

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Attention to Detail

Another advantage of hiring these guys is that they are able to focus on small details such as: time, traffic conditions, what time the party should start, what time the food gets served, etc. These details are often overlooked and that is why the majority of events not organized  by a professional, tend to have a few bumps here and there.


Okay, now that you are armed with the knowledge of why it’s easier to hire an event planner, you must find one that meets your needs. Without help from an event planner what is most likely to happen  is, you will be spending a whole lot of time and money on transportation. Think about it, you’ll be visiting venues, visiting caterers to partake in food tasting and visiting stores with party needs such as plates, tables, chairs and whatever else you may need. All that traveling can drain your wallet and drain your energy.


At the end of the day, when you compare the price of an event planner and the expense and time required if everything was to be done by you alone, the price is well-worth the luxury of having assistance. An added bonus is that you can actually enjoy the event because you will not have the responsibility of managing the event.

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