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When it comes to making these decisions now, it is still easy to fall back on the big companies that have been around forever just because they are familiar. But by doing this, are you missing out? Internet providers, for instance, now come from a wide variety of companies, some having started out as cell phone providers, cable television providers or even large grocery stores and are able to offer different services to the traditional big brands.

Mobile broadband, for example, is rapidly increasing in popularity, as it fits in with most people’s lives by allowing them to carry out a wide variety of tasks whilst ‘on the move’. Many of the new, larger providers are able to offer a service through the purchase of a ‘dongle’ (a small device plugged into your laptop), as they don’t require the same infrastructure as traditional, wired broadband providers. Companies offering this service, such as Xfinity Internet, are able to cater to a wide variety of customers, as this service is ideal for those who travel a lot for work or commute.

Many of these ‘non-traditional’ providers are also able to offer a range of additional services that help to make them more attractive. Xfinity Internet, for instance, is able to fall back on Comcast and offer great ‘bundled’ deals that include your TV package, phone line and broadband, whether wired or mobile. Additionally and here is the best deciding factor, these larger companies that are able to offer such a wide range of services are often also able to offer discounts to their customers, based on the number of services to which they are subscribed. Having this backing contributes to an attractive package that will allow you to also bundle your payments together for ease

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