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How Refugees Can Become Fluent In English and Be Successful In America

As a refugee coming to the United States, adapting to the culture can be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true if you are not knowledgeable of the English language. However, you can learn English in a variety of ways and become fluent within a matter of months. One of the best ways to learn English and become fluent is to use the internet. When you go on the internet, there are sites that translate all languages. As a result, you will want to type in certain words and sentences on a regular basis. You will then want to memorize how to pronounce the words and use repetition to learn common everyday words and phrases in English.

Take English Courses Online

Another way to learn English and become fluent is to take English language courses. These can be studied either online or in a classroom setting. No matter where you take the courses, you will be in position to have more interactive instruction when learning English. Classes will provide you with lots of organization and structure which can allow you to learn the language more efficiently. Therefore, you will want to take courses in English to become fluent in the language.

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Take an ESL Class

When looking to learn English as a refugee, you will want to consider taking an ESL class. This is a highly specialized class that teaches you the language in great detail. Some schools, like Interactive College of Technology, know that ESL classes are catered to foreigners who don’t already speak English. In many cases, it is the best and easiest way to learn English if you are not familiar with the language. Like other classes, the ESL class will allow you to get interactive instruction and get organized lessons to help you learn the language more easily.

Study Vocabulary Terms

Taking courses and going on the internet are great ways to learn English. However, one of the keys to learning English is to study the vocabulary. It is important to learn a number of common words so that you are familiar with what people are saying. Getting a fundamental knowledge of the vocabulary will enable you to more easily learn the language. It will allow you to form sentences as well as properly pronounce all of the words in them.

Like any other language, English will require you to interpret it when spoken, read and written. Studying the vocabulary will enable you to learn a number of terms that will give you a foundation to build on when learning this complex language as a refugee.

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